Wrap Your Body In Velvet With Kashmere Bathrobe & Socks

Wrap Your Body In Velvet With Kashmere Bathrobe & Socks

After a long, hard day at work plus running around chasing after the kids, don’t you deserve to unwind just a little? Once chores are done, kids are tucked in bed, dinner is finished and the dishes are put away, it is time to take the first step towards your evening relaxation ritual.

Wrap Your Body In Velvet With Kashmere Bathrobe & Socks

Whether you are single without kids or an active parent to a noisy household, we can all use a healthy relaxation routine to help us unwind. Sleep and evening routines are necessary for preventing insomnia. According to sleep experts,[1] developing an evening ritual and practicing good sleep hygiene serves to ward off sleepless nights, while helping us to fall asleep quicker.

Stressful situations can get the better of us, so why not arm ourselves with beauty habits that rejuvenate and leave us rested? Adding warm baths to our sleep hygiene is a simple and inexpensive habit that can allow us to unload the worries of our day. While further studies show a connection between baths for young children restful nights of sleep[2], a nice hot bath for mom can be just as effective.

Wrap Your Body In Velvet With Kashmere Bathrobe & Socks

The Institute of Naturopathic Sleep Medicine[3] gathered medical research on the impact of baths on sleep:

“Human body temperature is not constant, but varies with a consistent circadian rhythm. There is a slight dip in body temperature at approximately 1 pm, and then a more significant drop in the evening hours. We get that sleepy feeling as our body temperature drops. The bath effectively raises our body temperature, and the subsequent drop helps sleep. The bath should be about 60-90 minutes before bedtime.”

Stress-Free Essential Oils Bath Recipe

You might not drink whole milk, however your skin will soak up its soothing benefits. Adding 1 cup of whole milk to 5 drops of Bulgarian Lavender Oil will allow both to infuse, as the fat in the milk will bond with the essential oil. Meanwhile, the milk acts as a protective layer to shield your skin from irritation.

Put on some classical music, close your eyes and saturate your skin in a loving, soothing lavender milk bath. Once your bath has turned your stress into melted butter, it is time to slip into something sexy and snug.

Get Your Beaty Rest & Make Kashmere Your Evening Routine

Wrap Your Body In Velvet With Kashmere Bathrobe & Socks

Step into luxury with this one-size-fits-most 100% flannel polyester hooded bathrobe by Kashmere Kollections. There is nothing disappointing about this thick, turquoise velvet warmth enveloping you in comfort. Every hardworking woman deserves to de-stress and wrap herself in extravagance.

Kashmere Kollections offers beautiful comfort from head to toe. Not only can you wrap yourself in the velvet extravagance with the Kashmere Kollections bathrobe, you can also glide your feet into Kashmere Kollections fuzzy plush socks. Kashmere Kollections socks are thick enough to replace your house slippers and are nurturing to your worn-out feet.

Soothing Stress-Free Feet Recipe

Add a few drops of peppermint or tea tree oil to Kashmere Body Butter and lather your feet in luxuriousness.

You can customize your soft-feet recipe to the amount of body moisture and essential oils your feet require. The final step is to adorn your replenished feet with Kashmere Kollections plush slipper socks and cuddling your body with the Kashmere Kollections spa robe.

Wrap Your Body In Velvet With Kashmere Bathrobe & Socks

Then, sit back read a book and unwind before you get to bed. Kashmere Kollections spa robe and slipper socks are must-have additions to your bedtime routine. Last, but not least, don’t forget to check out Kashmere spa accessories.

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