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Teena’s Success Story!

Like many women, I decided to try Kashmere Kollections skincare products because I was a big fan of Kim, and saw her mention her new elite beauty line on her TV show. However, little did I know that making that one decision would have such an amazing impact on my life!

Let me make sure I mention that it isn’t just one of her products, it’s ALL of her products (along with the amazing Kashmere Community on Facebook) that have had such a life-changing effect on me. I am completely blown away by the empowered, more self-care giving, happier, healthier, more confident ME that I am today, that I just had to share my story.

A little over a year ago, I started suffering from severe redness and blemishes on my face. I was so self-conscious that I had to hide under liquid foundation, and I would carry it around with me everywhere for constant touch-ups. I tried several products to try to find some relief, including some prescription products, but nothing worked.

After learning about Kashmere, I decided to order a bundle which included one of every product, but like with all brands, I was skeptical about what the actual results would be.

Starting first with the Purifying Masque, the outcome absolutely floored me! I used it seven nights in a row, starting with 10 minutes each time and adding a couple of minutes every night for a total of 20 minutes. Contrary to every other product I’d tried, this masque completely removed the redness from my face, my blemishes were GONE, and I had an even skin tone! I kept using it and the results just got better and better! My pores have minimized, and my skin looks flawless. I now use the masque two to three times per week and NEVER plan on stopping.

The photos below show the difference in my face from before using the Purifying Masque, up until 6 weeks after using it! Remarkable difference! And my cover photo for this story shows my face today.

And I am equally as hyped about Kim’s other products. Starting with the smell of all the products, I am absolutely OBSESSED! I even put some product in a spray bottle with water to spray on me because I love the smell so much.

I use the body polish, toning oil, and firming lotion every day. The body polish/scrub is a complete lifesaver. Living in Canada, I have extremely “alligator-like” skin that is always white, flaky and dry. The scrub takes care of that for me, and it’s so relaxing and invigorating.

Next, I use the firming lotion when I get out of the shower, and then the toning oil all over my body (which I also use several times a day and before going to bed). My skin feels so remarkably soft, like baby powder, and I’ve noticed fantastic things about my legs…

Whereas I used to have “cottage cheese” or dimpling on the back of my legs, that has drastically improved to the point where you can barely see it. It has completely been smoothed-out and tightened!

Honestly, I have thrown out all of my other creams and beauty products that are not Kashmere. I find NO need for them anymore, and as far as I’m concerned, I’ve found the only skincare line that I’ll need for life!

I am sincerely excited to try the Sunless Tanning Lotion. I’m leaving to go on vacation in a few weeks, and the weather is getting nicer so this seems like the perfect time. I know I’m going to absolutely love it as much as I love the other products because I’ve heard such amazing things.

But one of the most important things for me is that Kashmere is not JUST an incredible skincare line. Through the Kashmere Community on Facebook, I’ve met women that empower me and I’ve learned to take better care of my skin and myself. I am just so grateful! Thank you, Kim and the Kashmere team, for this incredible line of products and this unique company that has transformed the lives of so many people, including myself!  

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The Kashmere Community is a special, motivational place that has become an important part of Teena’s life. Join the Community for professional beauty advice, support, and to engage with others who can’t live without their Kashmere!

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  1. Thank you Dana and Kashmere Kollections team!!! I am in love with all of the products, the Facebook community and the Customer Service is AMAZING!!! Yes that’s you Summer, Syndi and Will! A million thank yous for changing my life! I will never purchase any other face masque nor body product ever again. Shout out to my Kashmere community friends that I have made in the last few months. You are all my rock and inspire me everyday. Just so grateful ❤ Really, truly life changing. At 42 it was time to put me first and splurge. So so so happy I did! ❤❤❤ You just can’t put a price on this! Thank you!!!

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