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Sunless Tanning Lotion: A Safe Alternative to Sunbathing

Sunless tanning lotions are a great way to get the bronze look without dangerous exposure to the UV-rays of the sun.

Read on to find out more about this growing, and much safer route to getting a great glow…

If you are like the millions of people in the world who want a beachy, bronzed look without the potential life-threatening consequences of tanning from the harmful rays of the sun, then sunless tanning lotion is likely for you.

It is very important to apply sunless tanning lotion the right way to get the most benefit from it- and also so you look your best.

How do the lotions work?

Self-tanners and sunless tanning lotions can give the user a tanned and bronzed look without the trip to the beach or the exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Sunless tanning products themselves are not only sold as lotions but they can come as creams and sprays as well. Some people even go to a professional to get a spray-on tan.

Many people prefer the lotion, however, because it offers a great amount of coverage for a little amount of money.

Dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, is the active ingredient in most self-tanners and lotions. When this chemical is applied, it reacts with dead skin to darken the cells and temporarily change the user’s skin a darker color, looking like a tan.

If the lotion is not reapplied, then the tan wears off within a few days. Keep in mind that if you go outdoors you will need a sunscreen to protect you from the UV rays of the sun. This will help to prevent any damaging effects that the sun has on your skin.

Do sunless tanning pills work?

Try to stay away from sunless tanning pills which contain the color additive, canthaxanthin. They are not safe.

Some people have taken them in large amounts and they can turn your skin orange or brown. In rare cases, they cause severe cases of hives, liver damage and impaired vision.

Is sunless tanning lotion safe?

When used as directed, sunless tanning lotion is considered to be safe by most doctors and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), who has approved DHA for topical application to the skin.

However, DHA should never be inhaled or applied to mucous membranes like the nasal cavity. There is little research to indicate what the dangers are if this is done.

Make sure to always follow the instructions on sunless tanning lotion labels carefully.

If you get the product in your eye, flush thoroughly with water and contact a doctor if further irritation occurs. Avoid the nose and mouth.

Never inhale tanning spray. There is very little research on whether or not this is harmful or what the long term effects of this might be, if there are any.

How to apply:

  • Make sure to exfoliate: Use a loofah or washcloth to exfoliate. If you remove the excess dead skin, then the look of the sunless tanning lotion will be much more even and won’t be “patchy” looking. Spend extra time on thick skin such as your knees and feet.
  • Start from top to bottom: Apply in sections. After each section, wash your hands so that the lotion doesn’t turn your palms or fingers orange. Apply the lotion in a light film from your wrists to your fingers and from your ankles to your toes.
  • Keep it light on your joints. Elbows, ankles, and knees will absorb more of the lotion. To stop the lotion from collecting and getting too dark, wipe these areas with a damp towel afterwards.
  • Take ample time for the lotion to dry: Wait in the nude for 15 minutes before getting dressed again. Wear loose clothing and try to avoid sweating for at least a few hours.

Now you have a good idea of what to expect when applying sunless tanning lotion. It is a great alternative to sunbathing and is a lot safer, too.

If you apply it right, it looks great and lasts for a long time. Choose the right one, apply it correctly, and you will look great summer or winter time!

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