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Success Story: Kashmere Kollections’ NEW! Anti-Aging Hydrating Facial Serum

If you’ve been searching the world over for a skincare essential that delivers long-term results PLUS instant gratification, this beauty box must-have that’s new to the celeb-crazed, luxury Kashmere Kollections line is your anti-aging answer. It’s the perfect, “do-it-all” super serum for the eternally skincare-challenged and/or self-proclaimed lazy/unmotivated types. Get visible results without putting in too much effort. Not a needle in sight!

A two-in-one, double-duty beauty product that’s part anti-aging serum, part intensive, long-lasting hydrator – all in one beautifying bottle!  And, it’s oil-FREE!  Imagine that.

Now, you don’t have to.  

The brand-spanking-new, obsession-worthy addition to Kim’s Insta-glam skincare line, the Kashmere Kollections Anti-Aging Hydrating Facial Serum  will plump fine lines to perfection, while giving bounciness and buoyancy to the skin.  It’s sort of like pre-prom complexion-plumping action, ala Benjamin Button.  A total anti-aging, skin-perfecting package to add to your already overzealous repertoire.  I am particularly addicted to the instant long-lasting hydration and dewiness that comes with this newbie.  I tend to suffer from a drier skin tone, so, of course, I layer this with an extra dollop of moisturizer on top – especially at night when my skin is in repair mode.  But, if you’re more on the normal to oily side of the aisle, this beauty is all you’re going to need to get glowing and gorgeous and out the door (or under the sheets).  

So, before I excitedly get into the deets of my very pleasant experience with this serum, let me just tell you why this product is seriously going to be the next, Insta-worthy cult-classic skincare superstar.  The ingredients are second-to-none with virtually no fake fillers to f*** it all up.  And, I’m a professional beauty blogger and skincare junkie, so I know an awesome, expertly-formulated product when I see (and try) one. Check out what this bottle is chockfull of – a “one-stop-skincare-shop.”  I’ll start with the supercharged, highly-effective anti-aging actives that’ll wage the war on wrinkles and literally help you forget your lines.  Let’s start with papaya fruit extract.  A member of the skin-saving alpha hydroxy acid beauty bunch, papaya fruit extract is extremely rich in antioxidant vitamins A, C, E, and K, including magnesium, niacin, carotene, protein, and enzyme papain, which helps diminish discoloration and photo-aging.  So, see Spot run, for real.  Plus, the acidity of the papaya helps to tighten and tone the texture of the skin, keeping your complexion bright and beautiful.  Then, there’s one of my skin-friendly faves – watermelon extract – which is bursting at the brim with vitamin C, amino acids (proteins for skin strength and resilience against everyday wear and tear), and lycopene.  Not just juicy to eat, but watermelon extract is a rare, powerfully potent antioxidant that perfects, protects, and preserves the skin, while helping to reverse and repair existing damage. It also helps stimulate cell regeneration for visibly rejuvenated, moisturized, purified, and gently exfoliated skin. Talk about one-stop-shopping in the skincare store.  Then, there are hydrolyzed silk peptides to help promote youthful collagen production, lending your complexion a plump, dewy glow that is so redolent of, well, YOUTH!  These water soluble silk amino acids are hydrolyzed for superior, highly efficacious delivery deep into the skin’s innermost layers, hence helping to keep skin smooth, soft, and supple, while boosting elasticity and firmness.  Definitely a hero ingredient you want on the beauty battlefield.

Now, let’s talk about the hero hydrators that are packing the place. Mind you, there is not an ounce of oil in this baby, so if you’re pimple-prone, no need to worry. You have the tried-and-true aloe vera extract celebrated for its medicinal powers.  This gel-like used by apothecaries for centuries slips onto skin like silk, deeply hydrating and healing the skin from the inside out.  You cannot go wrong with aloe vera, as it’s loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to nourish, condition, and protect the skin.  Plus, it boasts a bevy of beautifying benefits, including being anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory.  This is why it’s the number one antidote to soothe a scathing sunburn.  Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t make mention of the impressive hyaluronic acid content.  Our bodies inherently produce hyaluronic acid to keep joints lubricated and skin succulent.  Hyaluronic acid has the amazing ability to attract and retain 1000 times its weight in water.  READ:  Dewy-delicious, all-day/all-night hydration that plumps the complexion to youthful perfection.  Yes, please!  

So, now that I’ve given you a tour de force of all the goodies on the inside of this long-awaited Kashmere Kollections skin saver, I’m going to give you the 411 on MY skin. I’m in my mid-forties and it’s safe to say I’ve pretty much fluctuated between having normal to dry skin my entire life.  As a blossoming, impressionably-adept adolescent, I never really suffered from acne save for a monthly pimple or two come period time.  I’ve never ventured into the plastic surgery space, aka, Botox, chemical peels, laser, fillers, etc.  Though, I am not against it and fully intend to undergo my first bit of baby Botox as an early Christmas gift to my aging self.  Because, you know, preventative maintenance!  But, up until now, it’s just been me and a plethora of products, countless, celeb-coveted creams, superfluous, skin-savvy serums, trendy treatments, like K-beauty sheet masks, ala Hannibal Cannibal, including slimy snail crème and scary snake venom (aka synake serum), and basically everything that is “new-and-now” in the big business of beauty badassery.  Being a beauty blogger and editor, I’m always two-ten steps ahead of the trends that promise a Fountain of Youth in a jar, tube, bottle, etc.  You got it, I’ll give it a go. I’ll try (almost) anything in a seemingly unassuming attempt to perpetuate my youth before succumbing to the needle – or, even more nefarious, the knife.  So, for now, there is currently zero room in my bathroom for another living, breathing human being besides myself, the perennially and tragically singleton I’ve incidentally morphed into as eloquently detailed in my upcoming memoir, Pretty Crazy:  The Ugly Side of Beauty Writing and Other Totally Random Reflections of a Self-Professed Narcissist.  

To give you an idea of what my skincare goals consist of and what personal skin concerns I’ve been addressing, I’ll start with the two biggies in my beauty book – hydration and hyperpigmentation.  Like I mentioned earlier, I’m naturally on the drier side, hydration-wise, so I’m all about moisture, moisture, and even more moisture, whether it comes in the form of botanical oils, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, shea/cocoa butter, etc. Like our Seoul sisters of the K-beauty movement always assert, your eternal beauty goal should be to have “skin like glass.”  I am always seeking out products packed with beauty-boosting botanical oils to deliver deep, long-lasting, non-comedogenic creaminess and nourishment to my skin without clogging my pores and making me look like a hot, slicked mess.  Not pretty.  Also, products loaded with anti-aging antioxidants to fight free radical damage from environmental aggressors, such as smog, pollution, sun, and basically just “living.”  In Los Angeles.  So far, this Kashmere Kollections super serum is hitting all my beauty buttons.  Finally, to fulfill my life’s main mission of permanently fading hyperpigmentation brought on by my fervent sunbathing youth, I would sell my soul for a magical potion that would make it all go “POOF!”  See, I’ve been fantastically blessed with the fairest of fair, sun damage-prone skin, and grew up in the 70s and 80s when practicing safe sun wasn’t encouraged, or admired.  The tanner, the better.  I’m sure you can understand my post-sun-worshipping plight.  So, most of my teen years were spent in the backyard drenched in baby oil, while donning a bikini, all in a rather painful effort to achieve that covetous Coppertone tan.  Hence, the later part of my twenties and early thirties were spent reversing some stuff.  And, I have to say, I’ve done good.  My freckles are nearly imperceptible and I am complemented daily on my complexion’s smooth texture and even tone.  Not too shabby for a reformed sun goddess from Jersey.  

So, this is how it works.

I applied just two tiny drops both morning and night to a freshly-cleansed complexion.  Pro tip: It should be noted that you never want to wait too long after you’ve pat-dried your skin to apply your serum.  This is when pores are still open and very receptive to highly-active ingredients, ensuring the best efficacy.  So, remember, time is of the essence on this one, kids.  I just gently pat, pat, pat all over my face, neck, and décolleté.  I wait three to five minutes to allow the product to naturally and fully absorb into my skin before applying my go-to moisturizer and subsequent facial oil, sunscreen, and make-up (if applicable).  Then, I do it all over again come night time.

And, this happened…

Where do I begin?  As you can see from the pics, my skin looks very plump and moist, which is totally the look I was going (and praying) for.  The dewiness gives my complexion extra depth and dimension, and when you’re as light-skinned as myself, you need all the help you can get, otherwise you risk committing an inadvertent disappearing act. Luminosity is a great double for “color.”  I also like the airless pump package because it not only protects all the wonderful ingredients from oxidizing, but it also prevents unwanted waste.  Dark-hued, airless pump containers preserve the stability of highly-active products, so by the time they reach your precious skin, they’re ready to get to work.  

As far as wearing under make-up, I am not a make-up maven per se, though I do have an event coming up this week, in which I will dutifully be donning a full face of war paint.  Stay tuned for an update.  Though, I am sure Kim wouldn’t co-develop a product that couldn’t withstand make-up wear.  That’s just silly.  Midday make-up meltdowns are not her thing – nor ours!

Honestly, this Kashmere Kollections Anti-Aging Hydrating Facial Serum is like a glass of weightless water for my skin.  Allow me to elaborate.  It feels like my skin is akin to a sponge after it’s been soaking in water.  It just plumps up to this pillow-y, pampered perfection, leaving a glass-like sheen on the surface, which it gives it dewy, 3-D-ish dimension.  No filters necessary.  I’m totally digging this stuff.  Mind you, I’ve only been using this stuff about a week and I’m already head-over-high-heels in love with the results.  I can only imagine what the long-term effects are going to be like.  

Move over, Benjamin Button.

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