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Self-Tanner Success Story: It’s Tanning Time!

My German-Irish-Russian roots were no match for the scorching summer sun, as I infallibly suffered a bevy of burns every summer growing up from too-many modest attempts at tanning my tush. Here, my story at finally finding faux glow success and bronzing bliss.

My German-Irish-Russian roots were no match for the scorching summer sun, as I infallibly suffered a bevy of burns every summer from too-many modest attempts at tanning my tush.  Here, my story at finally finding faux glow success and bronzing bliss.  

Being the quintessential fair-skinned, flaxen-haired type, I bore the oftentimes painful brunt of growing up in New Jersey in one-too-many modest attempts at tanning my skin.  I was tormented and ostracized as a child, aptly dubbed by neighborhood friends as “Casper, The Friendly Ghost.” There was always this all-pervading pressure to be tanned and toned and perfectly platinum-haired, especially while spending summers at the infamous, too-tan Mecca, aka, the Jersey shore.  After years of trying to brown my booty while laying bikini-clad in my parents’ backyard for all of my teen years (and a little behind), I hastily decided to try my tanning prowess at the tanning salon, ala “fake baking” when I turned 19.  This lasted two years until I realized I didn’t exactly have a propensity for that all-too-common “burning skin” smell, plus I was more than well-aware of the imminent dangers to prolonged UV exposure, including skin cancer and (gasp) wrinkles!  Then, when I was 21, I landed a guest role on two episodes of “Baywatch” in 1994, so I vowed that would be the last summer I visited a tanning salon twice weekly.  After a successful stint on the red swimsuit-bearing series, I hung up my tanning goggles and stayed off the sands faux-ever.  Shortly thereafter, a close friend of mine turned me onto the milky-textured Estee Lauder self-tanning lotion that came in the bright orange-hued bottle.  Up until then, I had always been reluctant to try the sunless tanning lotions that permeated the market in the 80s and 90s due to their bad raps for producing unbecoming Oompa-Loompa limps and incriminating, tell-tale orangey palms. But, I wanted to save my skin and not turn into Leatherface before I hit the big 3-0.  Remember “Something About Mary?”  That’s exactly where I DIDN’T want to go. Hoping this bottle was the answer to all my sun-safe reveries, I decided to give it a go and start practicing safe sun.

I have to say, I was quite pleased with the results of my first faux glow experience. After a diligent shower, scrub, and shave from head-to-toe and following all the directions on the back of the bottle to a “T,” I emerged from bed the following morning a glowy, beautiful bronze.  Ahh….sunless success…so far.  So, needless to say, I soon became the self-professed self-tanner guru from there on in.  In the last 22 years, I have not laid in the sun for even a minute nor visited a tanning salon.  Being a beauty blogger, skincare expert, and product junkie, I’ve tried 100’s of self-tanners, from drugstore gems to high-end department store beauty brands.  All in all, most of my experiences have been pretty impressive, with a few exceptions.  If you employ the time to properly prep and prime the skin, I find most of today’s innovative formulas yield a believable bronzed tone to the skin. So, when Kashmere Kollections Sunless Tanning Lotion came across my desk, of course I had high hopes of bringing home the bronze, so to speak.


So, this is what happened.

I applied before bed using a tanning mitt on my just-buffed body, which I polished to perfection using Kashmere Kollections Silken Body Polish. The texture is pleasantly body-buttery, but blended beautifully and rather quickly, so long as I kept massaging in circular motions.  My body instantly absorbed the delicate, scent-sational fragrance of beachy bliss – the signature Kashmere Kollections fragrance of sea salt, vanilla, and pastille sugar essences that envelops my very being.  The butter-like feel that instantly melted into my skin, along with delicately moisturizing my skin, leaving my body blissfully beach-scented, also left me with a beautiful bronzed glow come morning.

I awoke to an even, “bronzed” tan. No orange. No streaks. No spots. No splotches. NO KIDDING!  And, because I suffer from acute white girl probs, I made sure to layer three coats for three consecutive nights to achieve the highly-pigmented, long-lasting luscious tan my skin craves.  And, Kashmere Kollections delivered.

When self-tanning, I prefer the “goes-on-clear” formulations, like Kashmere Kollections, as opposed to the ones containing bronze “color guides” that seem to get on everything, no matter how many times I try to shower it off following the requisite 8-hour waiting time to bathe.  Plus, I really hate having to wake to self-tanner streak marks on my 300 thread-count uber-white cotton sheets.  Going clear is the way to go, at least for me.  Plus, I’ve been doing self-tanners for over 20 years and can literally apply the product in the dark and still cover every inch of my body without fail. The more you do it, the better you’ll get and the less sunless slip-ups you’ll commit.  Be sure to read my self-tanning tutorial on how to combat the most common self-tanning slip-ups.

So, upon awakening from my first Kashmere Kollections Sunless Tanning Lotion layering, I immediately noticed a nice, allover, even, medium glow.  So far, so good.  I still had two more layers to go, but I pretty much thought I was home free in the faux glow zone at this point. Things were looking beach-y keen!  I especially loved the deep, dark glow that lasted me at least a solid two weeks before beginning to fade into the sunset.  So, for the next two nights, I slathered on more and more and awoke each time to a more deepened, darkened, believable, just-back-from-Bora-Bora beach-bronzed body.  This product is very buildable and customizable to help you achieve your own level of luscious self-tanning, so you can totally control your color.

Now, admittedly, once I reached the color density I was after, I maintained it by slipping on a shimmering body oil post-shower every morning.  This not only amplified my bronze to celeb-status, it beautifully and deeply moisturized my skin, preventing the DHA development from fading fast.  Speaking of which, the color began to fade from my arms, chest, tush, and back within two weeks, while the color on my legs and tummy lasted a bit longer. Why?  It’s one’s guess.  Maybe the cells on the latter areas have a slower turnover rate than the rest of my body, but who really knows.

As far as my face, I honestly don’t ever use self-tanner to bronze my complexion. Instead, I will just dust a powder bronzer or dab a liquid variety to color-match to the rest of my body.  I find self-tanning the face is really a waste of time since the face has an exceptionally swift cell turnover rate, plus is constantly being cleansed.  So, I white mask it, then just apply my bronzer of choice to my face before leaving the house.

Overall, I love the scent (of course, who wouldn’t?), although, as the product continues to develop, deepen, and darken, the unmistakable odor of DHA is present, but not overwhelmingly so.  I love the even-toned, highly-pigmented, believable bronzed color you get if you promise to prep, prime, and polish beforehand.

And, if you’re like me and you love that extra sparkly “Midas touch” to your tan, spray your skin supermodel-sexy with a golden shimmer spray or slather with a shimmering oil to give your skin that next-level, luscious, goddess glow. Just be sure you wait at least a full day after applying your last layer of Kashmere Kollections Sunless Tanning Lotion as to not impede on the DHA development. Plus, it really bumps up the bronzing factor and keeps the DHA from uneven, splotchy, and premature fade-out.  It really is the icing on the tanning cake.

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