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Runway-Ready Beauty: Trends to Try Straight from NYC’S Fashion Week Catwalks

Besides the biggest celebration being personal pizzazz and undeniable diversity that dominated the runways, new and nostalgic trends took center stage from last week’s highly-anticipated Fashion Week in NYC, spotlighting myriad of memorable make-up, hair, and skin-sational moments that you’re going to want to try. Or, try again.

We’re just past summer and last week’s Fashion Week – Spring 2018 in New York city didn’t disappoint, paying homage to throwback beauty and showcasing head-turning trends from the 80s and 90s that we hated to see go.  But, they’re BACK!  Not to mention new and now tricks of the trade that you’ll be dying to try sooner rather than later.  So, take a page from this season’s beauty book and channel your inner supermodel.  


For creating depth, dimension, and dewiness, kick contouring to the curb and master this make-up move of the moment.  Instead of muddy and messy bronzers, highlighters, and blushes, just stick to illuminizers and moisturizers to get your glow on. Here’s how. Starting with a clean canvas, apply a luminous moisturizer for a soft-focus, dewy-delicious glow.  Then, take a highlighting stick, powder, or cream and dab on all areas where light would naturally hit your face, ie, bridge of nose, cupid’s bow, inner corners of the eye, between brows, tops of cheeks, and temples.  Blend and blur with a beauty sponge by lightly tapping until desired buffed and brightened effect is achieved.  Done.  Now, you have that J Lo “lit-from-within” gorgeous glow.

Glossy Everything

The visages pervading the runways last week looked, well, pretty slick.  And, in a totally sexy 90s rockstar glam sort of way.  There was nothing wax museum-ish about these models’ mugs. Make-up artists glossed the gorgeous complexions of the models with stay-put, high-shine sheen from hair to lids to lips to cheeks to forehead.  Not only does it deliver a younger-looking “smoothed” over, Spanx-like appearance, it doubles as a make-up setting strategy.  Win-win.

Clean Hair, Don’t Care

With the trend of the last few years being all about playing up texture to create supermodel-sexy, tousled tresses and lived-in, bed head hair, this year, we’re going to start seeing more and more of us embracing  our natural waves, ringlets, curls, and pin-straight strands.  Talk about much-needed time-saving!  The product of choice used backstage?  Shampoo.  So, start sudsing.  


We got a glimpse of the graphic art trend last spring, and so it looks like it’s here to stay.  Graphic, color-blocked lips, lids, and cheeks stole the shows of the hottest designers, like Dior.  The most sought-after color of choice?  Electric blue, baby!

Lip Service

This coming season, red is the new black, especially when it comes to painting your pout. And, just-bitten, candy-apple tones are trending.  But, if you’re a bit more daring and risk-taking in the pucker department, go for the vampy violet, almost-black lip trend that was all over the catwalks last week.  Just be sure to downplay your eyes for a more balanced, less over-the-top look.

No Lip Liner

Well, here’s one less beauty product you have to have stockpiled this season – lip liner.  The mindfully messed-up, make-up-of-the-moment featured disconcertingly sexy, smeared, smudged, post-coital-like pouts that unabashedly paraded down the runways.  Who likes drawing inside the lines, anyway?  Mmmm..uah!

Hair to Dye For

The hottest hair hues consisted of just about every color of the rainbow and beyond. “Candy box” colored tresses took home the prize for best-tressed.  From subtle, strategically-placed streaks of pretty pastels to punchy, primary Crayola colors, it was Technicolor all over the catwalk.

Getting Graphic – Hands Down

Again, the gritty, go-to graphic look even drifted down to dainty digits beaming with Swarovski crystals, intricate prints/patterns, gel art, rhinestones, and other beloved bling.

Squeaky-Clean Skin

Come clean on your skin’s dirty little secrets and start sudsing up.  (Well, not literally, as we all know sulfates are a skincare no-no, but you get the gist.)  Bare-faced beauties were on-stock both on the stage and in the seats, demurely displaying fresh-faced complexions and barely-there make-up trends. If there was any indication that star-studded celebs and industry insiders were still scrapping their cosmetics, ala Alicia Keys, then it was last week.  This is taking the “no make-up make-up” look to the next level (down).  Now has never been a more perfect time to implement a rigorous skincare regimen for skin that naturally glows.

Take a Bow

As mentioned in an earlier Kashmere Kollections post, the versatile and velveteen black ribbon was found pinning ponies in place, used as headbands and chokers and even as belts.  Get tied down.  

Brows Like Brooke

While some 90s trends are (thankfully) heading back, a little of the 80s wants to come along, too.  Kick some serious arch and toss the tweezers!  Bold, bushy, and beautiful brows are back – and BIG!  Yes, bigger and better brows have been in bloom for a few years now, but they’re taking on an extra-special, almost un-kept aspect as seen on the faces of Fashion Week’s visibly flawless. These natural face-framers give your look a younger appearance, while creating contour, color, depth, and dimension.  If you’ve got “born-with-it” brows, simply use a brush spoilie to keep strays in place, then set with an eyebrow gel.  If you’ve got barely-there babies, use a gel-based eye brow-perfector like Cailyn Cosmetics Gelux Eyebrow ($22) and apply by using quick, short strokes that follow your brow hair’s natural direction. Set with a brow gel and you’re good to go.

Bottoms Up

The often-neglected lower lash got its much-deserved time in the spotlight as make-up artists focused on applying copious coats of mascara to the forgot-about fringes of Fashion Week’s finest. Pair this make-up move with the reverse cat eye trend. For a refresher on how-to, see earlier post [HERE]. Insert PUT IN REVERSE:  “MEOW” MAKE-UP GETS A MUCH-NEEDED MAKEOVER WITH THE UPSIDE DOWN CAT EYE

90s Lip Liner Look

History truly does repeat itself, as was evident on the puckers of the very prettiest last week in NYC. And, admittedly, we couldn’t be more excited about this cosmetics comeback.  Oh, brick-brown liner, how we missed you so!  To master the must-do makeover on the throwback beauty trend, simply line lips with a strikingly dark berry lip liner, then apply inside of pout with a fleshy-nude or frosty-pink toned lip color or gloss. Channel your inner Pamela Anderson and perfect your now-prominent, pout’s perimeter by buffing and blending toward inside the lips, but still keeping a noticeable, defined line.

Faux Freckles

While some may be trying desperately to rid their damaged skin of the telltale signs of having spent a little too much time under the sun, models mimicked their own version of the timeless beauty flaw with foray of faux freckles.  If you weren’t lucky enough to be born with them or you’re an spf savant (good girl), then fake it to make it with this quick trick that was used backstage. Using a brow liner or eye liner, gently dab a few dots across nose and cheeks.  Then, use a beauty sponge to gently blend into skin for a more realistic look.  Set with make-up setting spray to keep your youthful look on lockdown.

Morning-After Eyes

This Fashion Week was like getting a free pass to flaunting imperfect make-up.  The sexy sister to the smoky eye, low and behold the smudgy eye.  If you don’t already rock the look by default due to not washing your make-up off from the night before (bad, bad girl), try this trick.  Apply a kohl black or brown eye liner along lash line and softly smudge using a sponge tip.  Then, grease up lids and lash line using MAC Studio Eye Gloss in Limited Edition Pearl Varnish ($22), giving some glisten and gleam for that “slept-in” smoldering effect.  The key is in the imperfection of the application, so don’t try too hard on this one.  

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