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Robin’s Success Story!

Like so many women, I’ve tried hundreds of beauty products but never stuck with any of them! There wasn’t even a single product I had complete confidence in until now, because that all changed with Kashmere! I’ll admit when I first heard about the Kashmere product line I was skeptical, but then I tried them…

The first thing I noticed about the products was the scent…subtle, clean, fresh, and beachy. I’m usually more of a floral kind of girl but something about the Kashmere scents won me over. I use the body polish in the shower, then the firming lotion as soon as I get out, followed by the toning oil. After doing this routine for a few weeks, I started to notice that my skin actually felt like Kashmere!

Then I noticed how my 25-year-old stretch marks and 34-year-old belly scar didn’t seem to catch my eye the way it usually did and I thought, wow there’s really something to this!

When I think about the fact that the scars on my stomach have pretty much disappeared it’s unbelievable! I’ve had a ruptured appendix, three laparoscopic surgeries, two babies and just recently, a hysterectomy. So it really is a miracle.

And my legs! You can hardly even see the stretch marks on the back of my legs! I also noticed improvements in the cellulite and dimples I had. All around, I have smoother, softer, more even and toned skin!

Naturally, when the face masque came out I had to try it. I wasn’t currently using a face masque because I have very oily skin and never found one I liked. But with the Kashmere masque, my skin looks and feels better. It even helps to control the oil, and my makeup goes on better after using it!

I can finally say that I have a beauty routine and skincare products that I will stick with long-term! It’s not only because I’ve seen phenomenal results, it’s also because I trust the products to be safe for me, and that’s huge. Then there’s the Kashmere Facebook Community where I can go and get real, honest, sincere information from other ladies who use the products. It’s not your typical corporate information, instead it’s women building each other up and supporting each other!

Since using Kashmere products, I have made myself a priority. I want to look better, feel better, and be better and this is how I’m doing it! Thank you to Kim and her team…without you I would still be wandering around the beauty department, discouraged and disenchanted!

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The Kashmere Community is a special, motivational place that has become an important part of Robin’s life.

Join the Community for professional beauty advice, support, and to engage with others who can’t live without their Kashmere!

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  1. Omg!!!!
    I was so inspired by Robins success story that I ordered all the products she used to try for myself. I’m so excited to try them out on my arms and legs!

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