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Oils that Make Scents: Get Rubbed the Right Way with these Bestselling, Beautifying Essential Oils

Did you know for centuries apothecaries across the globe have employed the natural, powerful, and therapeutic effects of essential oils and the ancient art of aromatherapy to support skin health, enhance mood, and promote overall vitality, wellness, and healing? The Kashmere beauty buffs are finally jumping on the beauty bandwagon, offering six of the world’s most powerful, potent, and purest bestselling essential oils to balance, heal, and harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. Some cool and calm, some smooth and soothe, and some sedate and invigorate. Whatever your problem (or passion), we’ve got a power potion for it. So, here is a sneak peek at our curated collection of essential oils to add to your health, wellness, and beauty arsenal PLUS the 411 on aromatherapy. So, stock up and start sniffing (or rubbing)!

What Exactly is an Essential Oil?

Essential oils are the powerfully potent, distinctively fragrant, and volatile liquids extracted from the internal structures of the earth’s most aromatic plants, and believed to possess an array of healing, calming, restorative, and rejuvenating compounds beneficial to enhancing and promoting optimal health, wellness, and vitality.  Different plants produce these essential oils in different parts of both their internal and external structures, including the roots, stems, leaves, seeds, petals, flowers, or bark, and play a key role in the plant’s pollination. While all essential oils have vigorously intoxicating, sensory-activating aromas, most yield virtually colorless, with the exception of a few yielding a light yellow to greenish hue upon extraction. Methods of extraction are usually executed through steam distillation, as well as solvent and expression extraction.

The method of extraction notwithstanding requires meticulous labor, intensity, and time consumption, subsequently resulting in the often pricey retail value of essential oils.  From farm to fragrance, Kashmere Kollections has procured a proprietary source that fastidiously harvests, extracts, and bottles the best essential oils using eco-friendly, mindful practices and packaging to bring you the planet’s most potent, pure, powerful, and exquisite essences – signature style. Our long-standing partnership with an expert team of passionate essential oil enthusiasts continuously allows for complete control and unwavering focus, attention, and detail to every drop that comprises each and every one of our beautiful, body-balancing bottles.  Our essential oil sages are tirelessly devoted to producing the most soothing, sensuous, and stimulating scents that are robust, fresh, and indelibly breathtaking.

Aromatherapy:  Breathe Your Way to a Blissfully Balanced Mind, Body, and Spirit

Never underestimate the power of scent. The passing, slight smell of a person or a deep inhalation of an old sweater can instantly bring us back to a specific time, place, memory, or mood, known as sense memory. And, the entire process takes under two seconds…

Besides their fundamental purpose of plant pollination and unforgettable fragrances, ancient medicinal practices have used the intrinsic, therapeutic benefits of essential oils in culinary arts, beauty and skincare treatments, relaxation therapy (also known as aromatherapy), sleep restoration, digestion support, concentration-boosting, flu-fighting, pain management, stress reduction, and numerous other health care routines. Essential oils are used for a multitude of emotional, meditative, spiritual, and physical purposes, and can be used individually, as single oils, or cohesively mixed and matched into exquisitely unique and beguiling blended elixirs, creating a sedative, soothing, uplifting, or revitalizing customized experience dependent on one’s desired benefit.  The potion possibilities are quite endless, as there are currently over 3,000 volatile varieties of aromatic compounds currently recognized by the health, beauty, and alternative medicine industries. Each essential oil varies from plant to plant and from species to species, altering the compound constituents and giving each essential oil its own, uniquely specific benefits.

Here is where you get to practice your potion prowess and mix and match a multitude of elixirs to target and treat skin symptoms, while helping to alleviate anxiety, banish brain fog, ease aches and pains, or soothe stress.  You can now chuck the caffeinated, chemical and sugar-laden energy drinks, as many essential oils safely, organically, and effectively energize and invigorate the body, while stimulating the senses.

Take a look at the bevy of benefits of essential oils and the art of aromatherapy:

• Muscle-soothing during massage

• Skin-saving and skin-supporting

• Easier breathing and decongested air passageways

• Mood improvement

• Spiritual stimulation

• Energizes and invigorates the body

• Relaxes the body

• Tames tension

• Calms and eases feelings of discontent, worry, and anxiety

• Boosts concentration and focus

• Nix nerves

• Supports digestion to help keep internal “plumbing” running smoothly

• Boosts and supports immunity

• Harmonizes hormones to help ease menstrual/menopausal pain and discomfort

• Warms the skin (tea tree oil)

From Seed to Scent:  Kashmere Kollections Essential Oils to Take Your Breath Away

The very aromatic essential oils extracted from these timeless botanicals underwent unwaveringly painstaking and uncompromising distilling techniques to yield the most exceptional, indelibly fragrant essential oils. Kashmere Kollections’ brand-new, boutique compilation offers six of the world’s bestselling, most admired essential oils that intuitively balance the body, sedate the soul, stimulate the senses, and ignite the spirit.  Use one or more oils in the morning to help naturally energize and revitalize; another midday to help fight fatigue and assist meditation, while improving focus and concentration; and yet another in the evening to help tame the day’s tension, melt away stress, and promote peaceful rest, relaxation, and tranquility. Our state-of-the-art essential oils are meticulously cultivated and uncompromisingly undiluted, steam-distilled, and packaged to perfection, ensuring unsurpassed stability and quick and effective delivery to help relieve common ailments, all while helping to restore, rejuvenate, and balance the body, mind, and spirit. Feel free to mix and match our wonderfully intoxicating essential oils to create your very own customized therapeutic elixir – one delicious drop at a time.

Bergamot  Citrus bergamia

A distinct, indelibly unique, fragrant essential oil that wonderfully enhances mood, stimulates the senses, and purifies the skin, while promoting a welcoming feeling of peace and calm.

Exceptional and rare amongst the citrus plants, delicate bergamot has been used for centuries by the Greeks and Italians for its uncompromising, integrative abilities to both invigorate and calm the senses simultaneously.


• Pop a few drops into a diffuser for your daily dose soothing tranquility

• Add 1-2 drops to your go-to skincare cleanser to boost purifying and soothing effects

• Integrated with Apricot Kernel Seed Carrier Oil, apply to bottom of feet for a relaxing, sleep-inducing massage

• Apply to skin while in hot shower to helps cleanse and purify skin, while inducing therapeutic tranquility

Tea Tree  Melaleuca alternifolia

Treasured for centuries for its multitude of multi-functional, beneficial uses, medicinal tea tree oil helps alleviate common bodily ailments and treat minor irritation.

Welcomingly warming to the skin, tea tree oil is universally one of the most commonly administered essential oils due to its vast variety of body, beauty, environmental benefits.  A medicinal megastar, tea tree oil has been a medicine cabinet companion in Australia for over 100 years, and a proven antidote to common, minor bacterial infections, as well as being a star skin care ingredient in many popular health and beauty products. Body odor-taming tea tree oil is also added to many organic drugstore-bought deodorants, due to its pleasing aromatherapy qualities.


• Decongest naturally and enjoy respiratory relief when inhaled through a diffuser or sniffed straight from the source

• Naturally-occurring medicinal essences help mitigate minor skin irritations

• Helps neutralize body and foot odor

Lavender  Lavandula angustifolia

An unmistakably powdery and utterly recognizable floral fragrance traditionally used to induce emotional stillness, tranquility, and serenity, sweet and sensuous lavender oil also helps support skin health.

Cherished for centuries by the ancient Romans and Egyptians for its soothing, sedating, and pillow-pleasing powers, lavender essential oil is a blissful bedroom essential for creating calm and serenity, while helping to heal common complexion concerns. When added to a warm, sudsy bubble bath, tired and sore muscles become relaxed, more malleable, and de-stressed, while the temptingly sweet floral aroma imparts a luxurious, peaceful atmosphere. This trusty tension tamer can also be combined with water and simply sprayed on bedding, linens, and clothes to create calm, while reducing anxiety and restlessness.  It’s the perfect pleasure potion to toss in purse and have on hand, especially during times of high stress and angst.


• Can be mixed with moisturizer to combat complexion concerns

• A few drops in a before-bed bubble bath helps soothe away the day’s daily dose of stress

• Supports deep, soothing slumber when deeply inhaled from a diffuser

Italian Lemon  Citrus limon

Undeniably zesty, clean, and citrusy, this wonderfully invigorating and naturally energizing Italian Lemon Essential Oil also boasts a bevy of body-boosting benefits, while enhancing deep concentration and long-lasting, laser-sharp focus.

This one-stop-shopping essential oil, also one of the wellness industry’s bestselling, is harvested in remote, pristine areas of idyllic Italy under specific soil and climate requirements, yielding an especially bold, bright, crisp scent, with a touch of tang and tartness for pure, potent perfection, thanks to its higher d-limonene content. When deeply inhaled from a diffuser, Italian Lemon Oil supports focus and cognitive functionality, while diminishing brain fog and lethargy. A ritualistic morning must means just a few whiffs from the bottle to instantly revitalize, rejuvenate, and refresh, so you can effortlessly tackle the tasks that lie ahead with increased clarity and confidence.


• Robustly toning, Italian Lemon Essential Oil is a beneficial addition to any beauty arsenal

• Aromatic, therapeutic essences help enhance deep concentration and all-day focus

• Helps support respiratory function when deeply inhaled from bottle or by diffusion

• Refreshingly invigorating aromatherapy essences put a pep in your step

Peppermint  Mentha piperita

Refreshingly uplifting and naturally energizing, peppermint also aids in healthy digestion and respiratory support, while easing nausea, motion sickness, achy muscles, and recurring headaches.

Menthol, minty, and cool-feeling, our peppermint essential oil is steam- distilled from the versatile peppermint plant, which is a unique hybrid of watermint and spearmint.  The prowess of peppermint helps alleviate nausea, upset stomach, and occasional headaches. When mixed with Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil during a deep, therapeutic massage, it helps soothe and relax tense, tired muscles, while leaving a cool, comfortable tingle from head to toe. Improves mood and lifts the spirit when inhaled from the bottle or diffuser. A few quick whiffs before an intense workout will instantly energize the body and motivate the mind.


• Place a few drops to diffuser every day to liven the spirits, help clear congestion, or whenever you need a pick-me-up

• Melt away muscle aches and soreness when massaging into skin with Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil

• Nix nausea and put the brakes on motion sickness and other tummy troubles by deeply inhaling the sensory-equalizing aroma directly from the bottle or applying a few drops to pressure points

Eucalyptus  Eucalyptus radiate

Commonly used in saunas, spas, and steam baths, and during deep, therapeutic massage, organically palliative eucalyptus promotes rest and relaxation, while helping to relieve respiratory symptoms.

Sourced from the exquisitely tall evergreen eucalyptus tree native to Australia, referred to as the Tasmanian Blue Gum, eucalyptus essential oil is extracted from the tree’s leaves and boasts myriad of medicinal, as well as antioxidant-rich compounds. Used in spas around the world for decades, eucalyptus essential oil creates a lovely, tranquil, and sedative massage therapy experience, while helping to clear congestion and increase proper, functional air flow throughout the body. When added to a diffuser or vaporizer, antioxidant-rich eucalyptus essential oil absorbs into skin’s pores, helping to purify body of impurities.


• A few drops added to Apricot Kernel Oil or moisturizer of choice delivers an unexpectedly relaxed, yet revitalized sensation

• A few drops placed in vaporizer or diffuser opens respiratory air ways for better breathing

• When placed in hands and deeply inhaled while in hot shower, invigorating vapors instantly stimulate the senses

Truly treasured essential oils that will tickle your senses and stir your soul, our impeccably rich, single essential oils are perfect for use on their own, layered, or mix-and-matched to create a custom concoction of healing, soothing, and rejuvenating powers.  We’ve designed our curated collection to simplify, soothe, and stimulate. Whatever your health and wellness needs demand, Kashmere Kollections is your one-stop shop for building your select, at-home or on-the-go aromatherapy, apothecary, and beauty arsenal.

Whether you’re a novice to the splendid world of essential oils and the art of aromatherapy or a well-oiled savant, if you will, we guarantee our discerning single essential oils are the most unexpectedly fragrant, surprisingly long-lasting, and powerfully potent plant oils you will ever use.  Whether you prefer to simply sniff the oil’s therapeutic aroma straight from the bottle; prefer to inhale its intoxicating, soothing, or stimulating scent from a diffuser; or prefer its healing, calming, and sedating extracts to luxuriously melt into your skin through topical application, we are confident you will find your Kashmere Kollections essential oils experience extraordinary, effortless, unmatched, and pleasantly familiar.

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