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Melissa’s Success Story!

It’s no secret to anyone that knows me that I’m a Kashmere addict! A while ago I was searching for the perfect skincare products and I was also a huge Kim Zolciak fan. So of course when I found out that she started her own beauty line, I had to try it.

And now I literally can’t live without all of Kim’s transformational products! They literally add so much to my daily life. I not only look better but I also feel much better than I ever did before. Let me go through, one by one, what I adore about some of these products…

Starting first with the Purifying Masque, it has given me my confidence back. Not only do I now have smaller pores from continuous use, but my skin looks and feels amazing, both with and without makeup on. Since I have naturally oil skin, I use the masque every 2-3 days and I swear it has cleared up my oily blotches. My acne has disappeared as well and if I get a blemish, I just put the masque on it and like magic it’s gone!

Next up is the Body Polish. It literally makes my skin the smoothest and softest I’ve ever experienced it. It also helped me clear up an acne issue I was having on my back. My usual routine is to use it every day in the shower to expertly buff and rejuvenate my skin, and then when I get out I always use the Firming Lotion and the Toning Oil.

Both the lotion and the toning oil have given my skin so much elasticity and have also made it super soft. I used to have stretch marks on my chest but now they’ve diminished to the point where you can barely see them! I also had some stretch marks on my upper legs and butt that are pretty much invisible now!

I also use the toning oil in my hair, which helps me bring out my natural curls and get rid of frizz. Even my hairdresser asked me what I’m using in my hair because she said it looks so radiant and healthy! The oil is also great for spots where I occasionally get sunburn. I put it on the spot and the burning sensation instantly goes away and I don’t peel.

I literally couldn’t be happier with the way that I look from regularly using Kashmere products, and my self-esteem has never been higher. Also amazing is that my husband has expressed that he feels the exact same way! He has made it a point to mention that he loves the way my skin now looks and feels from using Kashmere!

The Kashmere Community has also been a huge blessing for me throughout this journey. It’s so uplifting and really gives you a great idea of how to use all of the products correctly to get the best use from them. I would tell others searching for phenomenal skincare products to just go ahead and take the leap and try Kashmere! You will absolutely love the products and you will start to see results within just a few days.

These products aren’t like any others I’ve ever tried and I’m so glad I found my new lifelong skincare solutions. Thank you, Kim, for this amazing beauty line. I tell everyone I know about them and sincerely look forward to using them every day. I can’t wait to see what you come out with next!

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