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Meet Me at the Met: Top Trends that Raised the Beauty Bar at the Met Gala 2017

Dubbed “Where the Oscars Meet Fashion Week,” the Met Gala, proudly presented by New York City’s very own Metropolitan Museum of Art, takes place the first Monday of May each year. This star-studded, red carpet-crazed event marks the highly-anticipated, coveted convergence of the coolest couture and must-have, makeup-of-the-moment all wildly packed into one surreal, unforgettable affair. To say this year was no exception is an understatement.

And, it seems that a bevy of our most beloved, attention-grabbing stars clearly got the memo from the Met.  Designers Rei Kawakubu and Comme De Garcons gave precedence to the avant garde-themed gala last Monday night and the industry’s most gorgeous and glamorous guests certainly didn’t disappoint.  Fearlessly futuristic and strikingly stunning styles flooding the red carpet denoted something out of a salacious, sci-fi flick, while a barrage of others balanced out the theme opting for more simplistic, sexy, universally-flattering beauty looks and realistic, everyday dress-up picks.


Here are just a few of the top trends Tinseltown took to the Big Apple Monday night:

Blunt and Bold Bobs

Short, VERY short, bobs dominated the evening. Whether fake or real, nearly every sexy star had a date with a pair of scissors before sauntering down the red carpet.  From pristine, platinum-blonde to straight-up silvery metallic, the strands stole the show. And, spring is here, so don’t be afraid to clip the locks and sport a sexy, summer style.

Graphic Arts

Visually enchanting visages gave way to some of the most memorable make-up moments, and we think this was an obvious prelude to what’s to come this summer, beauty-wise.  From bold, bursts of bubblegum pink-painted peepers to ruddy, rose-colored cheeks, nothing was off limits.  It was like being a kid with a box of crayons and just seeing where it goes.  And, you didn’t even have to stay within the lines.

A make-up maven’s dream, Monday night was all about experimenting with pops of delicious, eye-catching color, mismatched makeup, luscious red lips, naughty nude lips, and abstract eyeliner. Try getting your feline eye fix with this soon-to-be Insta-fave:  overextend the tail of your go-to cat eye and pair with a peachy-pink pout and bronzed, dewy skin.  Individuality and no-holds barred beauty ruled the red carpet.

Posh Ponytails

Veteran supermodel beauties Gisele Bundchen and Candice Swanepoel brought barre class to the Met Monday night with their unapologetic choice of timeless feminine flair and minimalistic manes. High-set, sleek, polished ponytails swayed to and fro down the red carpet, bouncing off the tops of classic, cascading gowns.  It was an alluring alternative to the otherwise pervasive, edgy, sci-fi regalia of the night.

Not to mention, an enduring style that can be worn most anytime, anywhere (at least for the ponytail!)

Gam it Up

Probably the event’s most duly-noted scene stealer was the endless conveyor belt of beautiful, bronzed, tight, and toned legs that seemed to go on for days! Revealing gowns with equally endless slits deftly displayed the shimmery, spray-tanned, pantyhose-perfect pins of Hollywood’s most gorgeous gals, and is just the right amount of motivation to engage in those lunchtime lunges.

Hair That Reached New Heights

Messy top knots, decorative hair jewelry, futuristic headpieces ala Princess Leia, and even a prosthetic-like piece representing a bald head replete with a sparkling-silver, metallic sheath and matching metallic, skin-tight cat suit, courtesy of our favorite Instagram fashion icon, Cara Delevinge, were just a few of the most mesmerizing moments of the theme’s couture craze.  Go bold or go home, right?

Cherry Pie Pouts

A winter go-to usually spotted on plump puckers during the cooler months, cherry-red painted pouts paraded down the red carpet Monday night, accompanied by displays of dewy, diaphanous, summer-ready skin.

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