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Maria’s Success Story!

I can finally say I’ve found a product that gives me the beautiful, bronze glow on my face that I’ve always wanted – without having ANY makeup on! Kashmere Sunless Tanning Lotion has been a complete blessing for me, and I’m obsessed in the best way possible. I discovered the lotion this past summer, and use it all over my body and face. The best part is that at 49 years old, I don’t have to spend a lot of time in the damaging rays of the sun to get the ultimate tan! Instead, using this tanning lotion is enjoyable, safe, effective and fun!

There are countless things to love about the Kashmere Sunless Tanning Lotion, like the fact that it has an amazing smell, and it doesn’t cause any streaking or an “orange look” like so many others I’ve tried. It’s the perfect addition to my Kashmere beauty routine, and I use it a few times a week to keep up my glow. When I first started, I was still applying foundation to my face each day, but after a while of using Kashmere products, my skin kept looking better and better and now I don’t even need to add makeup!

The tanning lotion works perfectly on my face in conjunction with the Purifying Masque. I put the masque on when I first get in the shower and take it off right before I get out. The masque has helped me clear up my face of breakouts and remove dead skin to create the perfect surface for applying the tanning lotion.

Check out the before and after images below to see what an amazing difference using both the Purifying Masque and Sunless Tanning Lotion has made for me combined with a program of clean, healthy eating:

Also while in the shower, I use the Silken Body Polish generously, which helps me to remove rough, dead skin on my body and is the first step towards my skin feeling silky soft. It also makes a great hand wash to clean and rejuvenate my hands.

When I get out of the shower, I’m always excited to use my Kashmere Toning Oil! I apply it to my arms and elbows and eventually my neck (after the tanning lotion dries). I also add the toning oil into my hair. I have thick, coarse Italian hair that’s very dry and adding the toning oil to it after washing has been amazing for the texture and quality. My hair literally soaks up the oil and looks so healthy and shiny.

I also love the Kashmere Firming Lotion, which has helped to firm up my stomach and the back of my legs, especially as I was simultaneously losing a lot of weight by using 310 Nutrition products.

And along with the amazing Kashmere skincare items, I’ve found so many life-enhancing uses for the Kashmere essential oils. When my husband has a headache, I put the peppermint oil on his temples with the fractionated coconut oil and it works great as a natural pain remedy. I also put it on his back and feet to relieve pain. And my son actually uses it on his hair and skin to help with his eczema.

When it comes to allergies, we literally live in a hayfield, so it’s been amazing to be able to wear the Kashmere Diffuser Necklace with some eucalyptus oil in it, and it truly helps. Other oil favorites that I love to put in the necklace depending on my mood are the peppermint and the lemon oils which both smell awesome. The essential oils in general have been something that our whole family clearly enjoys and uses for optimal wellness.

For anyone looking for amazing skincare and health products, I would say that you need to try Kashmere! The products are top-of-the-line for both the quality and the value, and they last a long time.

There’s also an amazing Kashmere Facebook Community where everyone supports and learns from each other. It’s an inspiring group of people that serves as further evidence that Kashmere is an awesome company in more ways than one! When you use Kashmere products and engage in the Community, you continually feel both beautiful and empowered. I highly recommend you give it a try today.

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The Kashmere Community is a special, motivational place that has become an important part of Maria’s life. Join the Community for professional beauty advice, support, and to engage with others who can’t live without their Kashmere!

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