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Make-up Mishaps That are Totally Messing Up Your Looks, Your Pics, and Your Life (and how to fix them)

Are you guilty of continuously committing the following beauty blunders that are making you look old, tired, careless, or even “crazy?” Chin up. We’ve got you covered with these fast face fixes to your most annoying and seemingly endless make-up mistakes that are making you miserable – both in pics and IRL.


As usual, you’ve spent an hour (or more) in front of the mirror applying your war paint exactly the way the perfectly made-up, bubbly babes in the YouTube tutorials enthusiastically showed you, but by midday, your makeup has had a major meltdown – again.  Beauty boo-boo’s should never happen, but they unfortunately do – and to the best of us. Here’s how to keep your lipstick on lockdown and your peepers popping, amongst other things.  Because, seriously, lipstick smeared on your teeth is just as gross and embarrassing as food stuck in them. #yuck

Too-Dark Under Eye Circles

Even if you’ve diligently applied the correct concealer, the blue-ish hue under your eyes that tells the world what you did, or, in this case, didn’t do, is still starkingly visible.  The trick is to correct, then cover. Apply a color corrector before your foundation to neutralize the darkness to better match your natural skin tone and throw shade to those incriminating rings.

Try a yellow to green-colored corrector for lighter skin tones and orange for darker skin tones. Next, apply foundation, then dab concealer on top of that to cover and conceal any remaining darkness, while brightening and blurring the area.  We love the dual effect of concealing and highlighting with the Laura Mercier Candleglow Concealer and Highlighter  ($32).

Under Eye Concealer Creasing Up

So, you’ve perfectly layered your color corrector, foundation, concealer, highlighter, and setting powder only to find it has all but migrated into the fine lines around your eyes.  What gives?  The solution is in your skincare routine.

Applying an emollient eye cream pre-makeup will provide a smooth, hydrated pallet for correctors, concealers, foundations, powders, etc.  The creasing is usually due to dryness in the under eye area, so make sure the area is lubed up.  If you’re especially prone to dryness, apply a rich, creamy concealer to help combat dehydration in this area.

Flaunting a Flour Face

Over-dipping your brush into the powder pallet not only makes your face look “cakey” and too made-up, it makes your look appear flat and dull.  Create depth and dimension by only applying powder in middle of forehead, sides of nose, chin, and under eyes.  If, however, you’ve found yourself having a dreaded Nicole Kidman on the red carpet makeup mishap moment, leave face to try and absorb powder for at least ten minutes. If you’re still too powered up, place a tissue over face and lightly mist make-up bag must-have Evian Facial Spray ($10) to instantly hydrate and absorb the “floury” finish.

If you’re not particularly prone to midday shine, opt for blotting papers to sop up excess sebum without messing up your makeup and to avoid potential over-powdering.  Also, setting spray usually seals the deal as it not only sets makeup, but you can keep in purse or car to keep skin hydrated, toned, and revitalized throughout the day.  Mist Model in a Bottle Original Makeup Setting Spray ($17) for pro-grade, stay-put power, sans powder.  Sometimes, we need to implement a little damage control, because, you know, too much of a good thing.

Brows That Go for Broke

While they may be having an Insta-worthy moment, overly sculpted arches are a bit much for selfies and up-close candids.  For an everyday picture-perfect look, keep brows more full and “fluffy” by simply filling in brows with a brow mascara or tinted gel, then lightly filling in sparse spots using a pencil.

To fine tune the fluff factor, brush brows using a spoilie to soften up the look.  As opposed to bold and badass, we’re going for full and fabulous here.

Getting Dizzy on Strobing

While we’re all for illuminating and accentuating our best features to add depth, dimension, and dewiness, too much of a good thing could leave us competing with a disco ball.  To avoid this shimmer slip-up and not look like an oil spill occurred on your face, strategically swipe highlighter on tops of cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, and down bridge of nose, while completely avoiding center of cheeks and foregoing entire forehead.  The key is to impart a lit-from-within, gorgeous glow without looking too glittery or glossy.

Make-up Mask

When you fail to choose the wrong foundation shade to match your skin tone, you inadvertently wind up donning a “foundation” mask, where a harsh line of makeup separates the face from rest of body.

Mismatched makeup results from not testing products in-store or not having a cosmetics counter specialist professionally match you.  Don’t be that gal!  Get a make-up match made in heaven.  For the love of God.

Sun-kissed Skin Slip-Up and Bathed in Blush

The 80s called and they want their bronzer back.  Ditch the video vixen, harsh and hard-lined stripes that took up residence from corners of mouth to temples between the years of 1981 and 1989, and keep sun-kissed color sequestered to where the sun would naturally hit face,  i. e., forehead, nose, temples, and neck.  And, blend is your friend.  Blend, buff, and blur any harsh lines until a soft-focus finish is achieved. The same can be done for blush.

blendSMART blendSMART2 Highlighter Brush

Just a dot of a cream-based blush on apples of cheeks, then blended in using fingertips or dampened sponge should give the face just the right amount of flush to fix everything.  If powder blush is your get-gorgeous go-to, just remember to tap excess product off of brush before applying to apples of cheeks.  Then, blend, blend, blend away using swirling motions.  Worst case scenario, you can always swipe a light layer of translucent powder over the area to soften things up should you get a bit heavy-handed.

Lipstick on Teeth

The thought of this common makeup mishap makes us cringe, but, admittedly, it’s happened to the best of us, beauties. Thankfully, there’s a fast fix.  Insert index finger in mouth and pull it out to effectively remove any residue that may be lurking on the inside of lips that can affix to your pearly whites.

Ring Around the…Mouth

The 90s called and they want their lip liner back.  While a conspicuously drawn-on dark line tracing the perimeter of the pout was hot 20 years ago, it’s since cooled off.  Like, way off.

Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil

To not make this makeup mishap that will leave your mouth with an unsightly ring around it, be sure to choose a lip liner that closely matches your natural lip shade – not the shade of lipstick you intend to wear – and trace lips as well as filling in entire lip area pre-lipstick application.  This will ensure lip color firmly adheres to lips without fading off into the sunset.

Lips like Shellac

Over-applying gloss to plump and perfect pout is out.  Just a dollop smack dab in the middle of pout will plump and perfect pucker without a causing a glistening, globby, gooey mess.  Plus, you probably will find less hairs gravitating toward your mouth all day, especially if you’ve got longer locks that tend to stick to slick and sticky lips.

Eye Shadow Fallout

It totally sucks if you find you’ve left the house with specks of shadow falling down your face, but even the pros have been caught unwittingly committing this common cosmetic sin.  There’s a few fixes to solve the frustrating fallout.  One, you can either apply eye make-up first, as opposed to last.  Or, you can dust a veil of translucent powder under eyes while you work your magic to catch any fallout, then gently sweep away fallout-filled powder when finished without f***** up foundation.

tarte Fan Brush

Lastly, you can simply let the fallout happen and just use that peculiar fan brush you’ve never used (but always wondered what the Hell it’s supposed to be used for) to sweep away all the incriminating evidence.

Cosmetics on His Collar (and just about everywhere else)

Migrating make-up is a rather maddening mishap, but can totally be prevented with a little multi-purpose power product known as PRIMER.  Invest in it.  Wear it.  There’s a good reason why it’s always mentioned by top celeb make-up artists, beauty bloggers, and other industry pros.  It works.  It preps and primes skin for base make-up – it’s your foundation’s foundation.  And, it will keep make-up in its place and on your face with unflinching stay-put power.

It’s the essential skin-solving step that comes right after moisturizing and sunscreen (if applying during daylight hours) and right before foundation. Immediately, you’ll notice that foundation will effortlessly smooth on, seamlessly sinking into skin, and actually staying put without vanishing or rubbing off on everyone (or everything) else.  Try complexion-perfecting, coconut water and probiotic -infused Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Primer ($32) for a dewy, refreshed, and revived appearance, or hyaluronic acid-enriched Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer ($48) for a fresh-faced, flawless finish with a hint of color.

Got a savvy solution to a make-up mishap that we might’ve missed?  Let us know!  Comment below or tag #kashmerekollections.

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