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Make Merry, Magical Memories with Essential Oils this Holiday Season

This happy holiday, using your exclusive Kashmere Kollections essential oils, re-capture your heart’s fondest memories of the merry, magical season with these common essential oil blends inspired by your favorite Christmas scents. And, make some room for more!

The holidays are categorically the season for spreading not only good cheer, exchanging gifts, baking Christmas tree-shaped sugar cookies with the kiddies, decorating the tree, attending gatherings with family and friends, but also a time for introspection and creating lasting, magical memories.  Who doesn’t find themselves pensively reminiscing about the magical memories of Christmas’ past each and every year?  And, with each new year, more magical memories are created, neatly tucked away in the deepest recesses of our hearts to be anxiously retrieved for years to come.  So, it’s no surprise the traditional, timeless scents of the season are directly and intrinsically linked through a neuro-transmittal process commonly known as sensory memory.  The brain’s responsive neuro transmitters have the innate ability to conjure up our deepest recollections through a simple, unassuming whiff of a particular perfume, fragrance, aroma, or scent.  Sensory memory is amazingly powerful – and proven – and can have pleasing, introspective effects, especially around the warm festivities of the holidays.

Diffusing these blissful, beautiful blends into your warm, cozy, festivity-filled home, or wearing in your exquisite Kashmere Kollections Diffuser Jewelry, will inevitably invoke a special, indelible experience that you can muse over for years to come, while surely triggering beautiful memories of Christmas’ that have passed.

Here is a list of seasonal essential oils and their health – and holiday – -inducing properties:

Bulgarian Lavender

Beloved for its tried and true traits that calm, comfort, soothe, and sedate, a few drops of Kashmere Kollections Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil  will help take the edge off the sometimes hectic chaos associated with this frenzied, festive time of year.  From last minute shopping to find that perfect present to party-prepping to copious amounts of cooking and baking to gatherings, sometimes the stress of the season can wreak havoc on our mental and physical health.  Let lavender cool the flames of your festive fire.

Tea Tree

Esteemed for its bevy of body-benefitting properties, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial tea tree essential oil is nature’s medicine cabinet in a bottle.  It’s sharp, pleasantly pungent woodsy, earthy aroma instantly envelops the senses, leaving a feeling of invigoration and well-being in its wake.  Feeling a pre-Christmas cold coming on?  Drop a few beads of your Kashmere Kollections Tea Tree Essential Oil  into your Kashmere Kollections Luxury Diffuser to keep calm coughs and clear congestion.  When diffused with your Kashmere Kollections Peppermint Essential Oil or your Kashmere Kollections Eucalyptus Essential Oil, not only will you clear stuffed-up sinuses, but your home will mimic the scent of wintry woods on a cool Christmas morning.


An invigorating, sharp, fresh fragrance treasured for its wintry zeal, this holiday scent staple found conspicuouslfry lurking in candy canes, mugs of steaming hot cocoa, and chocolate brownies, peppermint essential oil energizes and instantly ignites both the mind and body – perfect for when you’re party-prepping.  Add a few zesty drops of your Kashmere Kollections Oils by Kim Peppermint Essential Oil to your Kashmere Kollections Luxury Diffuser  while you’re zipping around the kitchen and put a little pep in your pre-party step.


Used to boost immunity, while nixing nerves and alleviating anxiety symptoms, this body-balancing aroma was said to be gifted by the Three Wise Men to the Baby Jesus.  Today, frankincense essential oil is sought after for its profound, spiritual connection as well as its body-benefitting characteristics.


This sweet, spicy scent immediately reminds you of merry-making, i. e., baking cookies, pies, cakes, and other mouth-watering yummies, plus it supports the body’s immune function, which is perfect during this time of year when the cold and flu strikes.


Commonly blended with frankincense essential oil, myrrh essential oil was also gifted by the Three Wise Men to the Baby Jesus.  Myrrh essential oil boosts immunity and tames tension – great for inhaling during the holiday rush.  Try adding a few drops to any of your Kashmere Kollections Diffuser Jewelry [CLICK HERE] to help keep the headaches and stress of last-minute shopping at bay.


An interesting and unforgettable fusion of citrus and warm, spicy floral notes, bergamot essential oil has the unique capability of bestowing the best of both worlds simultaneously – inducing a sense of calm and vigor. A multi-tasking, workhorse essential oil treasured for its uplifting, soothing, and brain-balancing benefits, bergamot essential oil tends to be an under rated oil.  So, when the going gets tough this holiday season, why not pop a few drops of your Kashmere Kollections Bergamot Essential Oil  into your Kashmere Kollections Luxury Diffuser  or any of your artisan-crafted Kashmere Kollections Diffuser Jewelry for instant, aromatic Zen zoning.


The classic spicy scent of clove essential oil is rich in respiratory, sinus, and breathing benefits.  Clove buds are often used to give a spicy kick to holiday ham or added to mulled vino or other splendid, seasonal sips.

Sweet Orange

A natural detoxifier and reducer of pain and inflammation, sweet orange essential oil blended with the strikingly rich spiciness of clove or cinnamon essential oils creates an unexpectedly citrusy, Christmas-y smell that enlivens your surroundings – and your senses.


A medicinal essential oil that suffuses surrounding spaces with an alluring kick of menthol and camphor, eucalyptus essential oil is widely used in the most sought-after, five-star saunas the world over for its healing and harmonizing qualities.  Turn your Christmas morning into a merry magical spa by adding a few drops of your Kashmere Kollections Eucalyptus Essential Oil to a blissful bubbly bath, or deeply inhale a few drops from your cupped hand while enjoying a steamy, sedating shower.


A surefire fragrance to trigger holiday memories of warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookies and other seasonal sweets and tasty treats, like breads, jams, jellies, cakes, and pies, nutmeg essential oil is effective in aiding digestion of said goodies, helping you to avoid tummy troubles at the table.  Also, makes a great beauty sleep booster.


Popular in European countries for baking much-loved holiday desserts, anise essential oil offers a wintry whiff of Old World-ness to your home in the holiday tradition.  A powerful and potent relaxant that helps slow down the body’s stress responses, anise essential oil also reduces congestion from cold and/or flu.


Besides giving your home that freshly-cut Christmas tree scent, a festive fave, pine essential oil is a total metabolism booster.  So, go ahead and dig into seconds (and thirds) during your holiday get-togethers.

Ginger/Sweet Ginger

Earth’s natural energizer and mental motivator, ginger and sweet ginger essential oils help to promote clear, balanced, and mindful thinking.  Plus, it’s the key flavorful ingredient of a Christmas classic – the gingerbread house!  Ginger essential oil blends especially well with your Kashmere Kollections Bergomot Essential Oil [CLICK HERE] for a unique, personalized pop of perfume.


Woodsy, outdoorsy, cedarwood essential oil elicits feel-good memories, like a winter walk in the woods on an early Christmas morning or cozying up to the fireplace on a late Christmas night.  Cedarwood essential oil boasts detoxifying qualities, as well as stimulating metabolism and quieting coughs.


Wow your guests, soothe your soul, and warm your heart with these blended babies:

Tea by the Christmas Tree

2 drops Kashmere Kollections Bergamot Essential Oil [CLICK HERE], 2 drops Kashmere Kollections Peppermint Essential Oil, 2 drops wintergreen essential oil, 2 drops Douglas Fir, 2 drops cinnamon essential oil

Candy Cane Forest

2 drops Kashmere Kollections Tea Tree Essential Oil [CLICK HERE], 2 drops Kashmere Kollections Peppermint Essential Oil, 2 drops wintergreen essential oil, 4 drops white fir

Fresh-Baked Christmas Cookies

2 drops Kashmere Kollections Peppermint Essential Oil, 1 drop nutmeg essential oil, 1 drop cassia essential oil, 2 drops wintergreen essential oil

Christmas Eve by the Fire

2 drops Kashmere Kollections Tea Tree Essential Oil [CLICK HERE], 2 drops Douglas Fir, 1 drop Kashmere Kollections Italian Lemon Essential Oil, 2 drops frankincense essential oil

Candy Canes

4 drops Kashmere Kollections Peppermint Essential Oil, 4 drops sweet orange essential oil, 2 drops Kashmere Kollections Italian Lemon Essential Oil

Minty Hot Chocolate

2 drops Kashmere Kollections Peppermint Essential Oil, 6 drops cocoa absolute

Following-the-Feast/Beat the Belly Blues Blend

6 drops ginger essential oil, 4 drops Roman chamomile essential oil, 2 drops Kashmere Kollections Italian Lemon Essential Oil

Holiday House

1 drop clove essential oil, 3 drops sweet orange essential oil, 2 drops cinnamon essential oil

Gingerbread Man

3 drops ginger essential oil, 2 drops cinnamon, 2 drops clove bud

Christmas Tree

3 drops Douglas Fir essential oil, 2 drops cedarwood essential oil, 1 drop juniper berry essential oil


8 drops nutmeg essential oil, 2 drops vanilla, 1 drop cinnamon essential oil, 1 drop black pepper

Mug of Hot Chai Latte

5 drops cardamom essential oil, 3 drops cinnamon essential oil, 2 drops clove essential oil, 1 drop ginger essential oil, 1 drop aniseed essential oil


Got a scent-sational seasonal blend you’d love to share?  Drop us a line in the comments below or tag us on Instagram @kashmerekollections.

Merry Christmas, Dolls!

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