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Love The Skin You’re In

“Help, I can’t stand this itchy, dry, flakey skin any longer!”  Sound familiar?
If so, you’re not alone.  According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, as many as 40% of adults and up to 80% of teens have dry skin conditions.Dry skin occurs when your skin is not able to retain sufficient moisture.  The outer layers of skin cells are stacked like the bricks of a house.  In between the cells natural oils and other substances keep skin moist.  But a variety of conditions can affect the skins ability to retain and replace moisture.  When these conditions occur the moisture is lost and skin cells begin to crumble away leading to parched, uncomfortable skin.

Fortunately, just a few simple changes in your routine can make a big difference. Our Love Your Body Set gives you what you need to be able to feel good in your skin, again!
Did you know that we lose approximately 30,000 dead cells per minute off the surface of our face and body?  The problem is that as we age those dead cells tend to hang around longer on the surface.  Exfoliation is essential to remove that dead, occlusive layer of skin that is not only making your skin look dull – but is also blocking moisturizing ingredients from penetrating as effectively.

The Kashmere Coffee Parsley Polish removes dead skin and impurities while energizing the skin.  This gives increased circulation which creates a firmer appearance to areas of the hips, thighs, belly, and bottom.  This antioxidant-rich scrub also helps to diminish the appearance of stretch marks and scarring.

The Brown Sugar Polish crystals gently slough away dead skin cells encouraging cell turnover, while deeply nourishing and hydrating skin to refine the texture.  This skin-saving polish creates a protective barrier on the skin to keep your skin plump and hydrated longer.  Formulated with our Kashmere signature scent which makes it almost delicious enough to eat!

Whether you choose the Coffee Parsley or the Brown Sugar Polish, you will love using our professional Spa Gloves during your exfoliation to help enhance your results.

Now that the dead skin is removed your skin will not only look and feel alive but also be more effective in absorbing your topical moisturizing treatments.

Next, how would you like to have the softest, silkiest most kissable skin imaginable?  It’s possible with our Ultra Smoothing Body Butter.   Our unique combination of skin-enriching natural oils and butters absorbs easily to help condition, soften and smooth the skin while providing moisture for up to 24 hrs.  Leaves the skin deliciously fragranced with Kashmere’s signature scent.  For optimal results, apply your Body Butter immediately after bathing or showering.  This helps fill in the spaces between your skin cells and seal in moisture while your skin is still damp and warm.

Say “goodbye” to dry skin and say “hello” to our Love Your Body Bundle!

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