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Labor Day Looks:  Work Your Beauty Routine on the Upcoming Holiday Weekend

Continuing our end-of-summer send-off series, check out these beauty tips and tricks to help you transition into the cooler months ahead.  Keep your look fresh, fab, up-to-date, and on-fleek.

It’s the unofficial end to summer and soaking up the last of the summer’s rays over a long, lazy holiday weekend is not a free pass to be lax on your skincare and beauty routines.  Whether you’re planning to surf the coast or the couch, make sure your beauty routine doesn’t go sailing away into the sunset. Now is not the time to cave to complacency.  Work it, woman!


The temps may be beginning to drop, but don’t be dropping off on your SPF habits.  You should be practicing safe sun ALL year round, so be sure to slather on that SPF of 30 or higher and don’t forget to re-apply every two hours – no excuses!  

Also, throw some shade to the rays with hats, bandanas, visors, and a cool pair of aviator sunnies.  If you’re planning to lie on the sands, put up a cute beach umbrella, pull up a lounge chair, and dive into a juicy, sexy-burning beach book.  Before hitting the sand, spritz strands with some sea salt spray and throw locks up in a messy bun or milkmaid braids. Later, when you’re on your way to dinner with a hot date, let your tresses down for instant, bouncy beach waves sans the hot tools.  


Before going for a dip, whether it’s of the chlorinated or sea salt variety, be sure to drench tresses with lukewarm tap water so they don’t absorb any chemicals or salt that could lead to discoloration, brassiness in blondes, or dryness. 

For an extra added boost of protection, spritz strands with leave-in conditioner before making a splash.


Planning on just being sequestered to your sofa most of the long weekend? Good for you!  The summer is usually a season full of energetic activities, so it is totally understandable if you want to bow out with a little personal R&R.


We won’t hate!  If you’re going to be home for most of the long weekend, why not try some cool DIY hair or facial mask to undo months of “fun in the sun” damage?  Here are two to try while you’re binge-watching Game of Thrones:

  • Hair: Whip up this delicious coconut, olive, and honey hair mask that will re-set your strands and re-boot brilliance for the fall.  Pour equal parts honey, olive oil, and coconut oil into a pan and heat over stove until melted. Allow mixture to cool, then apply to dry hair, concentrating on ends and scalp.  Massage into scalp and leave in for half an hour.  To boost the hydration factor, cover hair with a disposable conditioning cap, then wrap entire head with a hot towel to infuse moisture-making heat. Wash with a hydrating shampoo and conditioner.
  • Skin:  Before beginning, keep hair away from face with Kashmere Kollections Spa Head Wrap.  Try this better-than-Botox banana mask to moisturize, soften, and soothe skin.  Mash up a medium-sized ripened banana into a smooth, pureed paste and apply directly to face and neck.  Let set for 20 minutes, then gently rinse off with cold water to stimulate the complexion-correcting circulation.  Alternate this DIY yummy facial with your Kashmere Kollections Purifying Masque for enviable, youthful-looking skin.

Give your lips some serious service!  Perfect, prep, and plump your pucker with the real cane sugar, cocoa butter, and rose, peppermint, and spearmint –oil infused Rose Lip Polish by French Girl Organics ($15).  The unexpected concoction of rose and essential mint oils is both intoxicating and mouthwatering, plus it’ll leave your sexy smackers in prime pout perfection.  

If you plan on laying low from all the “last hoorah” holiday get-togethers, try catching up on your much-needed beauty sleep, taking it outdoors with a hike or meditative walk, reading, relaxing, and just getting into a more ruminative mood to reflect and appreciate.  

There’s always so much new-age-y banter about adopting the “attitude of gratitude,” so why not give that blank journal a little workout by adding a few entries during the long, unwinding weekend?  Afterwards, jumpstart that beauty slumber by cuing the Beethoven and slipping into a deeply sedative, spa-like bubble bath with a few added drops of calming, luxurious Kashmere Kollections Oils by Kim Lavender Essential Oil.

When you finally emerge from your euphoric oasis, slather still-wet skin in either your toning and tightening Kashmere Kollections Luxurious Toning Oil and/or your skin-softening Ultra Smoothing Body Butter. Finally, wrap your post-bath, pampered body in your brand-new, velvety-soft Kashmere Kollections Luxury Spa Robe and matching totes adorbs Kashmere Kollections Plush Slipper Socks and get ready to call it a night.    

Also, now would be an excellent time to start re-assessing your skin’s needs.  Is your skin beginning to feel dry? Oily?  Sensitive?  The change of season oftentimes triggers subtle changes to the complexion, so be sure you assess it so you can modify your skincare regimen, if necessary.  


This may be one of your final chances to flaunt a faux glow before the weather starts cooling and the layers start piling on, so before you slather on your Kashmere Kollections Sunless Tanning Lotion for one last gorgeous glow, buff the bod with Kashmere Kollections Silken Body Polish for an unmistakably believable bronzed body from head to tanned tippy toe.  

This will ensure sun-kissed color sans streaks, spots, or splotches. On the other hand, if you’re going to be kicking it back in the backyard, then just keep with your normal body skincare routine, while prepping skin for fall, with your Kashmere Kollections Firming Lotion and/or Kashmere Kollections Luxurious Toning Oil to keep those pins pantyhose-perfect, that tummy toned, and that tushie tight!  End-of-summer-sexy-skin that’s tanned, tight, and toned?  Sign us up!


Like any long holiday weekend in the summer, keeping skin as natural, glowing, and dewy as possible is key.  So, this is where you can be a little lazy with your routine.  But, the strategy is to make your Labor Day look not look lazy.  Here’s how.  Forego heavy foundations and opt for a lightweight, SPF-induced BB/CC cream or tinted moisturizer that has a feather-like feel and flawless finish. Warm up your tone with a swipe of bronzer and blush.  If you’re skin is on the drier side, go for creamy versions of both that will instantly melt into skin, like Nars Laguna Liquid Bronzer ($40) and its sexy skin sister Nars Orgasm Liquid Blush ($30) for a flush of blush that’s glimmering with subtle golden specks and universally flattering with a touch of translucent pink-peach color.

Brighten up tired eyes with an off-white eyeliner applied to corners of eyes or on the waterline, then swipe fringes with a candy-colored mascara like NYX Color Mascara ($7) to really make peepers pop.  Dust a light, pinkish-pearl highlighting powder between eyebrows, on temples, down bridge of nose, and under eye area for added depth, dimension, and dewiness. Plump your pout with a charming champagne blush-hued lip gloss sprinkled with golden shimmer that stays put from smoothies to sundaes like Sara Happ Lip Slip in Rose Gold ($25).  Instead of powder or a make-up setting spray, keep your look locked in with a few drops of a beautifying botanical oil, like Olie Biologique 100% Organic 23K Gold Argan Oil ($57) for not only effortless sheen and hydration, but an added array of tried-and-true anti-aging benefits.


If you’ll be getting out of Dodge, don’t forget to pack your savvy skincare sampler, aka, the Kashmere Kollections Travel Kit, for your must-have, travel-friendly essentials while flying, driving, or sailing.  

You’ll have everything you need for the three day respite in one space-saving, compact kit.  The five-piece spa-mazing set includes Luxurious Toning Oil, Firming Lotion, Sunless Tanning Lotion, Purifying Masque, and a fashion-forward bucket bag featuring a levitated pyramid texture in striking jet black.  Bon Voyage!

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