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Jacqueline’s Success Story!

My story, though unique, is of great importance, showing a testimonial as to the immense impact of scent in our everyday lives. Scent can make or break a product or experience! For me, I am much more sensitive to scent then others due to dramatic experiences that have occurred in my life, however, that does not discount the fact that scent is entirely essential to our complete well-being in life.

My life-changing scent experience with Kashmere is directly targeted towards the Silken Body Polish – which I can best describe as a “hug in a jar”. I cannot tell you the powerful positive impact it has had on my life and I am just so grateful that Kim created it and that I found it. Not only does it have an amazing scent, but it also does amazing things for my skin.

Let me start from the beginning. In 1998, while serving with the Canadian Armed Forces, I was part of a dental team that assisted in the dental forensic portion of identifying people who had died after Swissair 111 plunged into the water. As you can imagine, this gruesome job having to X-ray dental remains found in the wreckage was extremely traumatic.

Flash forward 11 years and I was diagnosed with severe PTSD triggered from that time period. The most difficult PTSD symptom was that I would get (and still do) olfactory flashbacks. This is a huge impact psychologically, bringing on anxiety as olfactory smells are the most powerful, bringing on memories of my difficult job at that time.

It is easy to see why I am now hypersensitive to smell, and chose my personal care products, like everything else in my life, accordingly.

I was introduced to Kashmere Kollections by watching Kim’s show, as I have been a huge fan of hers for years. Knowing the scent would make or break whether I reorder, I bought the body scrub (Silken Body Polish). The day it arrived, I could smell it even as the postal worker handed me the box. I immediately fell in love with the beachy, fresh, summery smell!

The scent of the Body Polish soothes and calms me. I even add the oil from it into an aromatherapy ball that I wear around my neck because then I can have the scent all day to relax me when my anxiety is present. I think it’s really important to realize the impact that scent can and does have on our lives! But it’s also important to note that the product itself makes my skin so soft and silky smooth, that I couldn’t live without that benefit either.

Another aspect of Kashmere that I absolutely adore is the Kashmere Community on Facebook. This community is a testimony to the fact that this company is more than just a line of amazing products. In the community, I have met other women that I have connected with, and am even meeting up with one of them in person in a few weeks! I go there to post and also to get positive encouragement and helpful information from others. It really does add so much to my life.

It is often the case that women tear each other down, and though sometimes those types of comments need to be weeded out, in general, Kashmere is a place where women build each other up and that’s amazing! Thank you, Kim and the Kashmere team for making such amazing products. I look forward to seeing how your company continues to grow!

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The Kashmere Community is a special, motivational place that has become an important part of Jacqueline’s life. Join the Community for professional beauty advice, support, and to engage with others who can’t live without their Kashmere!

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