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Hey, Sexy Mother Pucker! Prep, Plump, and Prettify Pout with these Luscious Lip Tips

Ouch! Forget fillers and step away from those painful, pointy needles. Naturally plump up the volume on your born-with-it features for a fuller, sexier pout and skip the scary side effects once and for all! #noneedlesnecessary

Thin lips aren’t making a comeback anytime soon.  So, if you’re craving kissable lips, suck up these tips and tricks for next-level luscious lips with voluptuous volume. Beauty bonus – yo

You’ll want to start slaying all those wild, wacky, bold, and bright-hued shades that are currently trending on social media. We’re talking a sexy set of plumped-up puckers you can kiss up to.  Muah!

That’s Just Swell! Blood Makes Them Bigger – And Better

Let’s start with how lips can achieve a natural, safe, sexy “swelling.” It begins with a little irritation, but nothing too uncomfortable or compromising. After all, pretty can be a pain at times. This is one of those times. When the thin skin of the lips is slightly irritated, that’s where all the magic happens.  An increase of blood flow to the area, synergized with the natural production of plumping collagen, is a pout-perfecting combination commonly referred to as vasodilatation.  Blood vessels widen, thus prompting immediate bulging blood flow. This is when full-effect “plumpage” occurs.  Think of men and what happens in their, ahem, naughty nether regions. Same sexy situation.  Blood makes it bigger (and better), ladies! Also, this is where the age-old analogy of having “bee stung” lips originated, minus the severe side effects and adverse allergic reactions.

Without having to go undergo pricey, painful injections and unwanted side effects, you can still reap the beauty benefits of pucker plumping with an affordable, effortless, and effective DIY recipe. And, you may already have the ingredients in your pantry at home. First, you will need a base, either in liquid or solid form. The base can be a carrier oil, such as coconut, jojoba, or sweet almond, or, if you prefer a solid starting point, then, beeswax, shea butter, or cocoa butter work wonderfully.  You can also employ existing lipsticks or lip balms as bases. Your base preference will help to nourish and condition your lips, while delivering the more active ingredients beneath the lip’s surface for immediate, satisfactory swelling. Next, choose an organically active ingredient to increase blood flow and get the pout plumping. Our lips love cinnamon oil/powder, cayenne pepper powder, anise oil, clove oil, peppermint essential oil, black pepper, and ginger oil/powder. Just be sure to perform a patch test on inner arm to rule out any possibility of allergic reactions.  The last thing you want is a pout-plumping project to go wrong.  Not pretty.  To be on the safer side, we highly recommend you take baby steps as far as the dosage.  Start small and work your way up as you build skin sensitivity. Take your base and mix with one or two actives that you’ve chosen and gently massage into lips.  Within seconds, your lips will start to tingle, and after a few minutes, they’ll begin the plumping process.  If you think you can handle a little more irritation, by all means, apply more.  Remember, it’s in the name of beauty, so nothing is off limits for limitless lips. After irritation and tingling begin to subside, you can wipe away excess concoction from your freshly plumped-up pucker.

Fake It To Make It

Now, that you’ve gotten your sexy secret weapon for a fuller-lip fix that you can do anytime, anywhere, there are also other ways you can flaunt a fuller effect without going under the nefarious needle.  And, again, all the tools you need are probably already lurking in your makeup bag.  Start digging.

Fight Flakes

There’s nothing sexy about flaky, dried-out lips. Plus, dehydrated lips naturally appear thinner, which defeats the purpose of your pout-plumping mission. So, you’ll want to start with a fresh, clean canvas for your lips to power up the plumpage. A yummy, decadent lip scrub is your answer to smooth, sexy, supple lips.  In a small container, simply mix equal parts coconut oil/jojoba oil/sweet almond, honey, and brown sugar. Using gentle, circular motions, buff away dead, scaly cells from lips. Take your time on this process, buffing away for up to two minutes.  This will also help to increase blood flow to the area, prepping and priming pucker for powerful plumping effects.  When finished, simply wipe away excess debris with dampened tissue. Be sure to check back next week for our tutorial vlog on a delicious DIY “Sexy Mother Pucker” cinnamon and brown sugar lip scrub.  It’s a maintenance-must for pout perfection. But, if time is of the essence, you can always use your toothbrush to gently buff lips.  This, too, will impart a rosy-red, bee-stung effect.

Smooth Start

Next, apply botanical-rich balm to lips for a hydrating base. A mint-infused balm amps up the natural blood flow to your pout, specifically one formulated with peppermint essential oil for instant “plumpification.”  Smooth on the iconic Rosebud Perfume Co. Smith’s Minted Rose Balm ($7) for conditioning plus plumping benefits, with an added delightful, delicate scent of lovely rose. Be sure to let the balm penetrate pout for a few minutes before moving on to the next step.

Prep and Prime with Foundation

Just as with your face, applying a light layer of foundation or dabbing concealer over lips ensures stay-put power of your subsequent lip essentials, such as lipstick, liner, plumper, and gloss.

Put it in Reverse

Next, you’ll want to introduce your lips to the reverse lip liner, a makeup bag multi-tasking must.  From making peepers pop to plumping and prepping pout, the reverse liner acts as a barrier between your lips and the rest of your face. It prevents feathering and bleeding of lipstick and gloss, while deceiving the eye, making lips appear optically fuller. Using CARGO Reverse Lip Liner ($16), lightly follow lip contour starting a Cupid’s bow, ending at corners. Repeat process for lower lip. Blend and blur any hard lines using lip brush or finger.

Take a Bow

Play up pout by applying a bit of highlighter/illuminizer right smack dab in the middle of upper and lower lips. The light-reflecting mica in the product mimics a full, plump pucker.

Color Outside the Lines

A classic cosmetics trick of makeup artists to fake a fuller pout is to take a lip liner shade closest to the color of the lipstick or gloss you intend to wear and trace just outside your natural lip contour.  Be prepared, this may take some practice to perfect, but it will be worth it. Try to keep the bottom portion of the line smudgy and soft, as to seamlessly blend into the rest of your lips.

Ditch the Darks

It might sound counterintuitive, but donning darker shades make lips appear flat, demure, and one-dimensional. Muted tones and pale, pinky pigments plumpify pout as they reflect light that beams off lips, making them appear bigger. So, go toward the light.  If you’re feeling audacious, try applying a lighter shade in the center (such as nude) and a slightly darker hue (such as bubblegum pink) on the rest of your lips for an impressively ambitious ombre effect.  Just be sure to strategically blend and blur with fingertips to prevent cartoonish, tell-tale hard lines.

Glide on Gloss

It’s no secret that those seemingly obnoxiously high-shine lip glosses sold at the corner drugstore have lip-plumping powers beyond the medi-spa. The gleam from the gloss naturally picks of light, lending to lips that appear beautifully bigger and voluptuous.  For an extra highlighting effect, or if you just want strategic plumping power without wearing all over, simply dab gloss onto the middle of top and bottom lips.  For an extra “get-bigger” boost, try GlamGlow Plumprageous Gloss Lip Treament ($24) for a tingly, plumping effect plus selfie-ready shine.

As with any beauty tip or trick, it’s only skin deep.  Proper nutrition, exercise, and living an optimal, healthy lifestyle will help prolong all your hard work and boost beguiling beauty benefits – including those of the plumping variety. So, be sure to gulp eight to ten glasses of water daily and eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetable to keep hydrated from within and lips naturally succulent, sexy, plump, and pretty.

Go ahead, pout.

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