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Happy Halloween! Get a Boo-tiful Body with these Spooktacular Specials

Whether you’re planning on jet-setting across the Pacific or need a serious booty re-boot this mid-season, you’ll want to stock up on these “Beauty and the Best” bonus bundles that are so cool, they’re scary!

The air is cooler, crisper, and bit dryer out there!  Yes, ladies, fall has (finally) kicked in to full swing and between sipping on our piping hot PSLs and donning the cozy, indomitable Ugg’s, most of us are still trying to figure out what to be for the fast-approaching, fun and festive Halloween holiday. Or, maybe some of you lucky ladies are heading out for a quick, mid-season soiree somewhere special. Whatever the case, now couldn’t be a better time to re-assess your skincare routine and get you tight, tanned, and toned from head to tippy toe.  And, with these three beauty bundle bonus buys from our Beauty and the Best campaign, you’ll get your booty boo-tiful and your skin sexy – all before the peppermint latte season kick starts.  

If you’re planning on a ghoulish getaway for the Halloween holiday, you’ll flip head-over-high-heels for our fabulous “Beauty on the Fly” beauty bundle that includes our bestselling Kashmere Kollections Travel Kit PLUS a beauty bonus travel size of our tummy and tush –toning Kashmere Kollections Luxurious Toning Oil FREE!  This bikini-ready, 5-piece prettifying package includes everything you’ll need to keep your bod looking, feeling, and smelling its best while away.  Each piece is TSA-friendly, spill-proof, puncture-proof, space-saving, and sweet-smelling.  Infused with the Kashmere Kollections signature sugar and vanilla beach-inspired scent of the tropics, you’ll definitely feel at home wherever your travels take you, plus the sea blue-hued packaging gives a feminine flair to any vanity, sink, or shower motif.   This exclusive travel set contains first-class travel sizes of oat kernel and macadamia oil -imbued Kashmere Kollections’ Luxurious Toning Oil, caffeine and shea butter –infused Firming Lotion, kaolin clay-based glycolic and hyaluronic acid –enriched Purifying Masque, and a bonus travel-sized Luxurious Toning Oil – all perfectly packed in a luxurious-looking, sleek and sophisticated, jet-black pouch featuring a Chanel-esque, raised pyramid texture design that doubles as a make-up bag or cute clutch.  So, say goodbye to cottage cheese thighs, keep your complexion pore-fect, and exercise your right to bare arms, legs, and everything in between – wherever you are.  Bon Voyage! [BUY NOW]

If scaly stems are making you cringe in horror, then you’ll want to stockpile your bath and shower shelf with this Beauty and the Best “In the Buff” beauty bundle, which features TWO full sizes of our bestselling Kashmere Kollections Silken Body Polish, richly imbued with sweet, pure cane sugar granules and body-benefitting botanical oils of sunflower and safflower to buff, scuff, smooth, and soften skin to baby-soft perfection. You’ll step from the shower with skin you’ll barely recognize, that’s just how much of a glowing game-changer this beauty really is. In fact, if you’re pressed for time in the morning, you can even skip a step with your body oil and/or lotion afterwards as this next-level body buffer leaves a lightweight, super succulent veil of sweet-smelling moisture all over your entire body all day.  A beyond breathtakingly blissful bath and shower treat, this spa-status sugar body scrub will leave skin pampered and polished at home – or on-the-go!  Keep one at home and one in your beauty bag for last minute getaways.  When skin is routinely sloughed of superficial surface cells, you’ll instantly feel like you’ve just shed layers of filmy, scaly-scary skin without the scratches and scuff marks of a sometimes harsh body brush.  Plus, all your other body-boosters, like the Luxurious Toning Oil and Firming Lotion, in your Kashmere Kollections kit can penetrate that much more deeply, performing at optimal levels to give you a firmer, more fab physique. As a last step to your shower sesh, simply scoop a satisfying amount onto wet skin and gently massage in circular motions from top to bottom. The invigorating sensation of the scrub increases blood flow, uplifts your spirit, and helps to eliminate cellulite-causing toxins from pores, leaving your body buffed, thighs tight, and skin smelling sensuous.  If you’re a faux glow fan of our Kashmere Kollections Sunless Tanning Lotion, then this deal is a non-negotiable maintenance-must for achieving that goddess-gorgeous glow sans the sun. [GET GLOWING]

Lastly, our Beauty and the Best “Best Beauty” bundle feature 40% OFF our bestselling Kashmere Kollections SkinTight Body-Boosting Bundle! This badass, skin-saving special includes full shower-shelf sizes of the Luxurious Toning Oil, Silken Body Polish, and the Purifying Masque in one spa-inspired, skin-pampering package.  Here’s the deal.  You get all the treats and none of the tricks with each of these Kashmere Kollections’ beautifying, botanical-imbued must-have’s right in the comfort of your own bathroom and without the pretentious salon prices.  Scrub your weekly woes away with the Silken Body Polish, then drench your skin with the sensuously-scented tranquility of the tropics, while effectively tightening and toning lax skin with the two-in-one Luxurious Toning Oil.  Put your skin on re-set with a thin slather of the glycolic acid-infused, pure kaolin clay-based Purifying Masque to gently vacuum pores of make-up, dirt, and debris, leaving your complexion clean, clear, bright, and beautiful.  And, if you went full throttle on the theatrical make-up for the holiday, you’ll want this in your repertoire to suck the junk and gunk from your poor pores and get your skin glowing and gorgeous again.  [40% OFF BOO-TIFUL]

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