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Is your hair aging, or are you aging your hair?

Wash, comb out, blow dry, spray, tease, color, straighten and curl . . .  the daily abuse our loving locks take is incredible! It’s no wonder our hair doesn’t look as thick and healthy as we age. When we think about aging – most of us think about lines and wrinkles that make us look older than our years. But did you know that it might be your hair that is aging you?

When we are young, it is common to lose 100 – 125 hairs a day.  By the age of 40 and above, the daily shedding process of our hair increases substantially more and also grows back at a much slower pace.  Also as our collagen renewal slows down, so does the protein levels in our hair. As the protein levels slow down, so does the ability of our hair to produce pigment – bringing on those crazy stray grays!  At the same time our hair becomes thinner, weaker and less elastic. What do we do? Tease more, spray more, color more, tug and fluff more – all further aging our hair!

Time to sport your wig and hair extensions – not so fast.  These too may further cause your hair to become dry, brittle, thin and fall out.

Try these tips to help promote healthy hair growth and keep you looking younger, longer:

For dry hair, look for an intensive treatment that replenishes moisture to your hair and restores the balance to your scalp.  Natural oils or triglycerides can help revive each strand, and at the same time add essential fats and moisture your hair (and scalp) need.  Keep in mind that you can enhance the benefit of applying moisture to your hair, by locking it in.  Look for treatments that contain light-weight silicone that can help lock in and seal all of the beneficial moisture – day to day. (hyperlink to new hair masque)

For hair breakage, look for a deep repair treatment that has proteins that can fill in tears and help rebuild the structure of your hair.

To help offset the damage from the heat of the hair dryer and straightening iron – look for styling sprays that can protect hair from heat, manage frizz and prevent hair breakage.

Start today by showing your hair and scalp some love – and see the benefits for years to come!

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