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DIY Sensory Journey Party with Kashmere Essential Oils

Fall is here and the holidays are just around the corner.  This means it is time for lots of family and girlfriend get – togethers with food, drinks and gift giving.  One of the greatest stressors we all face every year is what type of gathering to have that will leave a loving and lasting impression.  
How about throwing a DIY Sensory Party with Kashmere essential oils?  Studies show that our sense of smell is linked to memories, greater than any of our other senses.  Give a gift of a sensory experience with Kashmere essential oils and have your guests thinking of you long after your party has ended!
Suggested Blends to create at your party:
  • For an energy re-booting scent: combine Lemon, Eucalyptus and Peppermint Kashmere oils.
  • For an uplifting and mood – elevating scent: combine Italian Sweet Orange, Lemon, Bergamot and French Lavender Kashmere oils.
  • For a calming and mental clarity scent: combine Calm Mind oil with Peppermint Kashmere oil.
  • Create their own blend from the oils offered.
Here are three ideas for DIY take – home gift stations: 
DIY Room Spray – In a spray bottle have your guest combine 1.5 ounces of purified water, equal amounts of witch hazel (or Vodka – – really!)  and 10-25 drops total of their preferred blend. Swirl the contents gently to blend. Your guest can then enjoy, in their own home, a fragrance they created at your party!
Wooden Reed Diffusers – Have your guest fill a decorative glass jar with the Kashmere Coconut Carrier oil (fractionated).  Add a total of 20 drops of your guests preferred blend. Place the reeds in the jar and gently swirl the jar to stir.  Instruct your guest to allow the reeds to soak for two hours, then flip to expose the soaked ends and enjoy the amazing scent!
For a quick and fun DIY try this:
Custom Scented Tissue – Open up the underside of a square box of tissues.  Have your guest add 5-10 drops of their preferred blend onto a cotton square and place it into the bottom of the tissue box, and tape the box closed. Tell them to allow the box to sit for 24 hours.  Upon opening the tissue box – each tissue will have a meaningful customized scent. 
Now is the perfect time to plan ahead and make this holiday season – one of the most memorable for your family and girlfriends!

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