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Discover The Magical Powers of Clay! 


If you’ve turned on your television, opened a magazine or walked through the department store beauty aisle – you can’t help but notice that everyone is talking about clay! Acne busting, redness chilling, skin detoxifying, odor-reducing and many more beauty clays are all the rage . . . how do you know the difference and which clay is right for you?

In general, clays pull toxins from the skin and at the same time deposit valuable minerals into the skin. And it is safe to say that all clays deliver insane beauty benefits that you will want to check out! Here are some simple tips to guide you:

Bentonite is considered one of the more powerful detoxifying clays and is ideal for oily, acne prone and blemished skin. Bentonite is composed of volcanic ash and carries a negative charge. When applied to skin, it attracts to positively charged toxins within our skin and draws them out like a magnet. With over a 6000-year history of healing, this versatile clay can be used to help with a myriad of challenges from athletes foot, to cellulite, to body odor and more. It also makes for a great intensive hair treatment. Try it and experience the power!

There is some ancient mythology that explains that thousands of years ago a woman was using Kaolin Clay to make her pottery. As she removed the clay from her hands – she revealed baby soft skin. Viola, a new beauty treatment was discovered! Due to its’ fine crystal like nature and high mineral content, Kaolin Clay is commonly used to exfoliate skin, and at the same time depositing valuable skin – loving minerals. Kaolin is a gentle clay that can be used on all skin types, including those with sensitivities to scrubs and cleansers. With continued use, this amazing clay will offer a toned and tightened appearance.

Looking to balance oily skin? French Green Clay may be your choice. This rich clay is often called Sea Clay and contains a high content of natural plant matter – including Bentonite. Although it does not carry as much “oomph” as pure Bentonite Clay, this purifying clay is well suited for oily and acne prone skin. Stubborn blackheads? Reach for French Green Clay.

Try these clays today and see why everyone is going crazy for these magical treatments!

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