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Do the Dew: Give Your Skin that Gorgeous Glow and #Wakeuplikethis

Here, we give you the cheat sheet containing all the deets on getting dewy and gorgeously glowy, so it looks like you #wokeuplikethis. And, all without a drop of make-up. Because, skincare.

We get it.  Sometimes, you gotta fake it to make it.  Make-up bags busting at the seams and bathroom sinks stacked with get-glowing goodies like highlighters, illuminizers, contour kits, shimmering sticks, and bronzing balms – all in a concerted effort to mimic the strobing effects ala Kim K. and the fabulous faces of the Insta-beauty pros.  These make-up techniques definitely have their time and place  – like when you’ve got a hot date or the hottest party of the year to attend.  But, for an effortless, everyday, “lit from within”-worthy look, you’ve got to get down and dirty and go skin-deep for that dewy, delicious skin that’ll make even the biggest and best beauty gurus blush.  Sometimes, it may take an entire lifestyle makeover/skincare regimen do-over to achieve such a covetous complexion.  It’s no small feat, but totally worth the work.  Let dew it.

Sip Your Way to Succulent Skin

We know you’ve heard it a million times, but it’s worth repeating.  And, it’s worth its weight in water.  Gulping down 8-10 tall glasses of H2O daily – more if you’re a gym junkie – will keep skin smooth, soft, and supple.  Plus, consistent water intake ensures your body’s filtration system is consistently being flushed of any toxins that can potentially reach the dermal layers and cause breakouts.  So, start sipping STAT.  Keep a consistently-filled Swell beverage vessel at your desk and in the car so you can glow on the go.

Sleeping is the New Skincare

They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing.  Clocking a quality 8-10 hours of restful, deeply restorative slumber a night undoes all the day’s damage to your skin, plus helps boost and build collagen production for a dewy, pleasingly “plump” –pre-prom complexion.  Make it count.  Sleepy time is the only time your skin really gets to repair itself.  It’s like hitting the re-set button on your skin.  Take it next-level with skin-saving satin/silk pillowcases for a line-free face come morning.

Moisturizer with Benefits

Swap your normal, monotonous moisturizer for a glow-getting, illuminating one, like GLAMGLOW Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer ($49) in Pearl Glow, Tan Glow, or Nude Glow.  This multi-tasking mega moisturizing cream is lightweight, but jam-packed with hydrating and nourishing nut butters, beauty-boosting botanical oils, and tiny, light-reflecting mica particles to get your skin that super subtle, ethereal-like, 3-D dimension without looking like a hot, glittery mess.  

Pretty Slick Highlighting

Highlight and enhance your facial features, i. e, brow bone, tops of cheeks, down bridge of nose, and forehead, with a lightweight botanical oil, like marula or argan.  If you suffer from dry skin, gently pat 1-2 drops all over skin and let naturally absorb for a soft-focus finish.  We’re loving Josie Maran Argan Moonstone Drops Make-Up Priming and Highlighting Oil ($48) infused with lavender and lemongrass essential oils for its lovely, sensuous scent and long-lasting moisture, plus a teeny, tiny touch of priming pearls for that added pearlescent pop and holographic, iridescent effect.  Top a few dewy drops over your illuminating moisturizer or over your serum to seal in your skincare and you’ll be good to glow.  

Practice Safe Sun

Throw aging and potential skin cancer some shade with a daily slather of sunscreen on all exposed areas.  And, re-apply every two hours if outdoors.  If you hate layering products and you want the lazy girl’s get-glowing version, try a deeply-hydrating moisturizer that doubles as a sunscreen, like jojoba and argan oil-infused Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47 ($32).  For a skin tone-evening touch of tint, try Drunken Elephant Umbra Tinte Physical Daily Defense SPF 30 ($36) that gives you that tinted moisturizer look and feel without all the added work.  

Get Misty

Stash a botanical oil-imbued facial mist/spray in your bag, in your car, and in your desk drawer. Generally, we’re not exactly cheerleaders of these ubiquitous, trendy facial mists you see running up and down your social feeds on the daily, mainly because they’ve routinely proven to be counterintuitive and can actually dry out your skin. However, we found two that live up to the hype by putting moisture on lockdown.  If you’re on a beauty budget, you’ll love Pixie Glow Mist by Pixie Beauty ($15), brimming with a bevy of beautifying botanical oils that hydrate, heal, restore, and revitalize sallow, moisture-starved skin in seconds.  If you want to splurge on a luxurious-like skin spray, go for Japanese-made Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist ($36) for skin as succulent as midsummer morning dew on lush grass.  Just a few, quick bursts throughout the day replenishes much-needed moisture, nutrients, antioxidants, and energizing enzymes back into the skin, since living life really does suck the life right out of your skin.  Between sitting in stress and pollution –packed traffic, sitting in an office that’s air-circulated –challenged, and coming into contact with free radicals that are on a one-way mission to put the light out on your glow, your beauty can really take a beating by midday.   

Get Buff and Beautiful

Gently exfoliate skin 1-2 times weekly to rid skin’s surface of dead, dulling superficial cells that steal your skin’s natural glow, giving you an “ashy” appearance.  Plus, properly buffing away at the dead stuff allows for optimal absorption of serums, treatments, creams, moisturizers, and facial oils that give you that goddess glow.  

Eat Clean for a Clear, Glowing Complexion

Clean up your diet by feasting on face-friendly foods, such as water-dense fruits and veggies, leans meats and omega-packed fatty fish, and foods filled with complexion-plumping good fats, like nuts and avocadoes.  Steer clear of the sweet stuff as sugar is a well-known skin saboteur, guilty of collagen-killing glycation that totally screws with your looks.  Not so sweet.  

No Sweat!

Well, no, actually you want to sweat, so don’t skip spin class anytime soon.  Not only does sweating detoxify your pores of breakout-causing toxins and other not-so-nice nasties, getting your “ommm, ooh, and ahh” on at the gym or during hot yoga class will give you that pink, pretty, post- spin sesh glow that so many cosmetics companies painstakingly try to re-capture with their arsenals of highlighters, illuminizers, shimmer sticks, and other “prettifiers.”  Get the gorgeous glow for free by going to the gym.  Your body will thank you, too.  (No more struggling to squeeze into your skinnies, plus sexy skin?  Sign us up!)

Keep Your Derm on Speed Dial

Check in with your dermatologist at least once a year to re-assess your skin’s needs or if you’ve recently undergone a life-changing situation that may be compromising your skin’s beauty and integrity.  Plus, meeting with a board-certified skincare professional can help you tailor a targeted skincare regimen that meets your skin’s individual needs.  Once determined, you need to stick to the regimen, as consistency is key for seeing any desirable, long-term results.  When you aptly address concerns, like aging, hyperpigmentation, acne, dryness, rosacea, etc, you skin will begin to acclimate and respond and you’ll start seeing results sooner.  

Less in More

You’ve heard it time and time again in regards to not packing on the war paint, aka make-up.  Well, same goes for skincare.  Only use what your skin needs.  Too much of a good thing can leave your skin irritated, red, and dried out beyond belief.  Also, be wary of using conflicting products at the same time.  For instance, if retinol is your jam, use at night with a vitamin C-infused moisturizer/cream on top and a glycolic acid-peel on alternate days.  Try not to use two highly-active products at the same time as this can cause skin to become overwhelmed.  


Try to remember to do TWO masks per week.  First, one to purify pores, refine texture, and renew clarity, like kaolin clay and glycolic acid -infused Kashmere Kollections Purifying Masque.  Consider this mask your weekly beauty re-boot that undoes all the damage that derails your skin’s delicious dewiness.  On another night, do a hydrating mask, preferably a K-beauty –inspired goodie.  Korean-based sheet masks are particularly effective because they deeply imbue the skin with intensive, long-lasting moisture –sometimes up to 10 times the amount of hydrators you’d normally get from your everyday moisturizer application.  It’s like giving your skin a gallon of glow in one supercharged sheet.  Try a snail secrete and/or hyaluronic acid -infused sheet mask.  It’s no coincidence our sexy skin sisters in Seoul have been fittingly described as possessing “skin like glass.”  They dew it right.  

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