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Daylight Savings Set You Back? Rest Easy with these Sleep-Inducing Tips

Is Daylight Savings Time totally screwing with your much-needed beauty sleep? It’s about time you kick your chronic restless nights to the curb once and for all. Sleep tight because we’ve got your sleep solution with this dream-come-true duo that’ll get your body clock back – and your beautiful body!

It’s no surprise that most peoples’ body clocks (a.k.a. internal circadian rhythms or “sleep cycles”) get completely compromised when Daylight Savings Time rolls around.  The formidable bi-annual time shift may just be a (seemingly) harmless hour gained or loss (ouch), depending on what time of year, so why always the big deal come every sleepless six months? Why do a lot of us suddenly feel like we’re dragging our feet for weeks on end, evidently unable to make the somewhat minor time transition?  Welp, it turns out you can’t fool your body’s biology, but you can trick it to conking out at a desired time.  Think it’s all just wishful thinking?  In your dreams!

Circadian Rhythms and that Darn DLST

The National Sleep Foundation defines the circadian rhythm, or internal body clock, as a 24-hour oscillated cycle in the physiological processes of all living organisms.  Although biologically created and regulated, one’s circadian rhythm can be disrupted, re-balanced, and re-calibrated by external cues, such as sunlight, climate/weather, and temperature. (So, yes, there’s hope following the bi-yearly Daylight Savings Time torture.) So, basically, your circadian rhythm fastidiously regulates the periods of tiredness and wakefulness within a 24-hour cycle.  For most adults, the biggest dips in energy occur between 2 and 4am when you’re (hopefully) enjoying your deepest sleep, and again between 1 and 3pm, hence why most people are looking to raid their sugary snack-filled office vending machine for a post-lunch pick-me-up. That 3 o’clock slump struggle is real.  However, if you’re more of a night owl, like yours truly, or an eager early bird, then these dipping times may vary accordingly.  However, your circadian rhythm runs like a well-oiled machine when you stick to regular sleep and wake-up times – even on weekends.  If you’re one of these enviable lucky ones, you’ll notice you’ll start to feel groggy at the same time each night and you probably don’t even need an alarm clock to jolt you from beneath the covers.  Talk about #sleepgoals!   Keep in mind, burning the midnight oil, binge watching Game of Thrones, jet lag/long distance-traveling, and Daylight Savings Time can completely throw your body’s clock out of whack, along with everything else.  This is where a host of undesirables start to occur, such as relentless sugar cravings, overeating, unwanted weight gain, irritability, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, and, if gone untreated, even depression.  That’s why it’s imperative to re-set your body clock and get back on track STAT.

Sunlight is one of the major external cues for properly calibrating the body’s clock, or circadian rhythm.  So, it should come as no surprise that one-hour shift ahead or back, depending on fall back or spring ahead during Daylight Savings Time, can have some dreary consequences.  For some people, especially diehard night owls who tend to stay up late and wake up late, the effect of Daylight Savings is akin to experiencing a mini jet lag and could last for weeks until a proper sleep cycle is restored.  Reportedly, the “fall back” time shift has less of a sleep-sucking effect since you’re gaining an hour of slumber, which Americans in general can desperately use.  It’s the “spring ahead” time shift where you lose an hour that puts people in the zombie zone come Monday morning and for weeks to come.  The best way to get your circadian rhythm rocking again is to deliberately expose your body to as much sunlight during the day as possible, meaning nix naps, and when darkness begins to fall, start the hourly countdown to begin switching your body to the “power down” mode by avoiding as much blue or artificial light as possible.  See tips below.

Sleep Stats – The New Nightmare

The National Sleep Foundation estimates roughly 35% or 1/3 of American adults are chronically and perilously sleep-deprived, clocking in less than the recommended 7-9 hours of shut eye per night, including not feeling refreshed and replenished upon waking.  And, it’s no wonder.  You don’t have to search far and wide to uncover the conspicuous clues, as they’re plain as day. We’re working longer hours than our parents and their parents did just to attain the American dream and get in on our piece of the pie (or get the studio-sized rent paid in a timely manner). Not to mention, we’ve got constant access to whomever and whatever, while others have constant access to us, i. e., smart phones, internet, tablets, social media platforms, texting, etc. In short, we’re always “on.”  At the ready.  We’ve completely annihilated our personal downtime.  We can always be reached to answer a question, go over an email, explain a project, or do the ritual before-bed work email catch-up.  We’re over-stimulated and under-rested.  Our rights to respite seemed to have incidentally evaporated with the antiquation of the flip phone.  Call it the blue light effect blues, but what we’re experiencing as a result is a constant connectivity crisis.  And, it’s slowly killing us.

Simple Steps to Re-set Your Sleep Cycle Right NOW

Not only do we desperately need some digital downtime, we need a digital detox.  Or, at the very least, mini intermittent digital detoxes scheduled throughout the day.  People who work from home, consult, or freelance cannot really afford to be off the grid for a lengthy period of time, unfortunately, but a few consecutive hours strategically scheduled here and there will have a significant impact on re-setting your body clock, while saving your sanity.  Think of it like intermittent fasting or taking five-minute, mindful meditation breaks throughout the day.  A little goes a long way and you don’t need to go cold turkey to reap the health benefits of digitally disconnecting.

Here’s what you can do to set (and keep) a hard stop to your workday, whether you work from the couch or the cubicle:

  • When you’re sitting in front of your computer or peering down at a tablet or mobile device, your brain is being stimulated by the said electronic of choice’s blue light emission. This light tricks your brain to think it’s “wake-up” time when it should be “wind-down” time.  Hence, why scrolling through your Insta-feed at 2am turns into a tortuous two-hour tossing and turning session once you’ve finally put the device down.  So, give yourself at least 2 hours before you want to go to bed to completely shut down ALL electronic devices, whether a smart phone, smart television, computer/laptop, tablet, etc.  Off means OFF.  Realistically, it takes your brain and body at least two hours to de-stress and relinquish the endless conveyor belt of thought processes from the over-stimulating blue light.
  • No checking work emails past 7pm and no checking personal emails or answering annoying and downtime-invasive texts after 8pm. As tempting as it is to take a quick peek and answer that colleague’s burning question, thinking you’ll ingeniously save time come morning, you’re wrong.  You’re losing sleep NOW.  Come morning, you’ll be a zombie chugging cups of coffee ‘till noon.  Better to leave work stuff during work hours.  Just like we did 10, 15, 20 years ago.  Stuff still got done.  The world didn’t end.
  • If you can afford to, this intermittent shut-down can be used as a precursor to an entire weekend of digital decompressing and “checking out” for your sanity – and your sleep’s sake.
  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and eating – even snacks – a few hours before desired bed time.
  • As mentioned earlier, get plenty of sunshine during the day, including taking your workout outside. Until you’re back on track, it’s highly recommended to avoid hitting the bike or running trail at night, as your revved-up endorphins will naturally inhibit sleepiness for awhile.  Staring at the ceiling at 3am is never fun or effective.
  • If you absolutely need it, pop a melatonin supplement to help induce drowsiness. This should only be used as a temporary fix and not as a permanent reliance for much-needed respite.
  • Keep room temperature slightly cool, preferably between 60 and 65 degrees, to help bring down body temperature, which naturally and induces sleepiness.

Disconnecting digitally, even if for 4-6 hours at a time, will do wonders for your soul and your sleep.  Because, baby steps.

In Your Dreams:  Skip the Sheep and Start Snoozing

So, what is a super-sleepy beauty to do TONIGHT?  Try these before-bed insomnia busters and hush that tick…tick…ticking nightstand clock in no time:

  • A few hours before you want to be in bed with the lights OUT, diffuse your bedroom and surrounding areas with your Kashmere Kollections Oils by Kim Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil by adding a few sensuous drops to your Kashmere Kollections Luxury Diffuser and let the room engulf the sedating, sleep-inducing scent.  
  • While your bedroom is filling up with the floral fragrance of real lavender, add to the tranquilizing ambiance by putting on some light Beethoven classics or meditation music.
  • Re-create a spa-sational scene. Run a warm, soothing bubble bath and add 5-10 drops of Kashmere Kollections Oils by Kim Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil once tub is filled.  Light a few unscented candles and safely place on bathroom vanity.  Pull hair back with your Kashmere Kollections Spa Head Wrap and add fresh slices of cooling, comforting cucumber to tired eyes.  Soak in the serenity.
  • After about 20 minutes and/or before becoming water-logged, emerge from the fragrant, bubbly waters, pat body dry with your Kashmere Kollections Spa Towel and pull on your snuggly, warm Kashmere Kollections Luxury Spa Robe. Take a few minutes to slowly calm and center yourself once you’ve emerged from such a relaxed state.  Warm, seductively-scented bubble baths usually trigger somewhat of a light-headed sensation, especially if you’ve been emerged for some time. But, that’s totally normal.  It simply means your body is beginning to really relax and “come down.”  If this happens, just take a few deep, long breaths to re-balance your equilibrium.

Once you’re steady on your feet, drop the robe and grab your new bedtime buddy – the Kashmere Kollections Night Time Skin Toning Oil.  It’s beauty sleep-in-a-bottle with body benefits to boot. This Kashmere Kollections’ exclusive edition Night Time Skin Toning Oil is your brand-new booty-boosting bonus to add to your sleep time routine.  Because, when you snooze, you really do lose – inches, saggy skin, stretch marks, scars, everything!  This skin-sumptuous, lovely, lavender-mint –infused, body-beautifying blend will instantly melt into your skin AND melt away your worries and woes! Woo-hoo!  You get the best of both beauty worlds – toning and tranquilizing – in one baby-blue bottle.

Flaunt tight, toned, sexy-smooth skin, while the intoxicatingly sedating scent of lavender combined with an unexpected infusion of delicious mint lull you off to dreamland.  Check this life-changing stuff out.  Not only will you help tone and tighten your tush, tummy, thighs, and everything else, you’ll be slathering on the therapeutic, snooze-inducing scent of the tried-and-true, bedtime-fave fragrance of floral lavender.  The subtle scent of fresh mint is both fascinating and clean-feeling.  And, that’s the perfect before-bed recipe for restorative, restful slumber.  Plus, your sheets will smell ahhhh-mazing in the morning. It’s like nothing you’ve ever tried on the market.  A truly, first-ever innovation in body and heath care, the Kashmere Kollections Night Time Skin Toning Oil is packed with the same booty-beautifying ingredients as the signature, bestselling Kashmere Kollections’ original Luxurious Toning Oil.   Now, you have one for day and one for night.  Pro Tip:  Use the beachy, sweet, signature-scented Kashmere Kollections Luxurious Toning Oil in the day for long-lasting sugar-kissed skin and sculpted stems, and the lavender-mint one with the distinguishing black seal come night time.   

If you still haven’t passed out by this time, grab a juicy read to tire your poor peepers.  Don’t worry, you’ll be well on your way to dreamland in the blink of an eye.

Sweet Dreams, Dolls!

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