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Big Hair, Don’t Care: Try These Foolproof Fixes for Full and Fab Locks

So, you’ve managed to get your supermodel mane to reach big and beautiful status! But, those va-va voluptuous, big Baywatch-like locks are drowning before you even get out the door. Don’t feel defeated! We’ve compiled some super easy-breezy tips and tricks ANYONE can do to help give locks lift-off from coffee to cocktails and beyond! Hope you’re not afraid of heights.

No matter your hair type – thin, fine, thick, long, layered, textured, coarse, etc – big hair is always in season. But, more often than not, our fab, full-figured look falls flat against our foreheads before we’ve even made it out to the curb. What gives? Don’t let your sorry strands get you down. Check out these cool, easy tricks compiled from fellow beauty editors, A-list hairstylists, and insider pros to get your locks pumped and plumped to Dolly Parton perfection.

Clean Up Your Act

Though hard, limit use of too many products, which can really weigh down locks, making them look limp and lifeless. Start with a fresh, clean slate by using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner that will thoroughly rid your scalp and strands of unwanted product build-up and impurities, while prepping your tresses for some “take-off” action.

Layer of Love

If you find your hair is just not holding height or your locks lay limp and lifeless, the answer may be as simple as getting a new haircut, preferably of the layered look. Layers incidentally add lift and body because they’re lightweight and structured. Keep it light and lovely for that full-feathered Farrah Fawcett effect.

Add Color

While we don’t advocate changing up your natural hair color, especially if you love what God gave you, but adding color, even if it’s just a shade-up or down from your own, toughens up the hair’s cuticle, giving hair more body. Even if you add some peek-a- boo highlights in the under layers or strategically-placed around your face or crown areas, it will add texture to hair, so strands aren’t “slippery” or too soft. Just keep it minimal, so you don’t have to worry about root touch-ups every 6 weeks.

Sleep on It!

Before bed, throw tresses up in a bun (or two…or three) atop head and secure with a non-metal elastic. Come morning, let your locks loose, add a few spritzes of a lightweight, botanical oil-imbued seal salt spray for tousled texture, and scrunch from top to tips until desired volume is achieved. Here’s an even easier, lazy girl-approved way: Sleep on a wet head with locks completely on the loose. You’ll wake up to piece-y, separated strands that have height at the roots. The heightened effect is due to sleeping on certain sections of hair during the night that causes desirable creases, lumps, and bumps in all the right places. But, don’t try this if you have shorter hair, like a bob or pixie ‘do. This hair-raising tactic really only works on those with long, layered, lush locks, so the look is very lived-in upon waking.

Get Blown Away!

This may sound like a “big hair” no-brainer, but blow dry your hair upside down until 90% dried. While in upside mode, gently stretch strands away from scalp while aiming heat towards your roots and let gravity do its thing. After you’ve dried at least 90% of your hair, flip your head backup and flip head from side-to- side, while blasting roots with hot air. Yes, you’re going to look silly. So, what! It’s what we do for beauty. We simply sacrifice our image.

Assume the Position

Getting instant volume is a simple as changing up your hair part every few days. If your go-to part position is straight down the center, flip it to the right. A few days later, flip it to the left. This gives locks extra lift, because when hair gets accustomed to laying a certain way, it starts to fall flat against your head. So, you’ve got to outsmart it. It’s like working out. If you keep practicing the same maneuvers, your fitness level plateaus and you stop seeing results. You don’t let your muscles get lazy, so do the same for your hair. A fresh part every so often will keep your locks perked up. Plus, changing up your part is like getting a fresh new ‘do, saving you a trip to the salon and spending money.

Put a Crimp in Your Style

You remember that Conair® crimping iron from the 80s, ala Debbie Gibson, right? Well, they’re making a comeback, but in a less tacky way. Try this hot hair hack for added height: simply crimp the under layers of your hair, then lay over the smooth upper layers to hide the crimped tresses beneath. The crimped tresses beneath roughs up texture and makes strands stand away from scalp, adding flaunt-worthy fullness.

Be a Tease

Those head-banging boys from the big-haired bands of the 80s also knew a thing or two about huge hair. So, do your ‘do big and pumped like Poison and backcomb your tresses. Here’s the updated version to making over your mane without it becoming a rat’s nest: Clip-up the
uppermost layer of hair around your crown area and backcomb, aka “tease,” the underlying hair starting about 3-4 inches from scalp and work the teasing toward scalp in three quick strokes. Use a large paddle brush to prevent breakage and tangling and knotting. Then, spritz some maximum hold hairspray on the teased portions. Release the sections you pinned up and lay them over the teased tresses for a smooth, surreptitious look. Boom. BIG, beautiful hair. Rock on.

Powder Power

One of the tried-and- true sexy strand secrets from one of the world’s most beloved, sultry screen siren, Marilyn Monroe, is to sprinkle baby powder at the roots. Not only is baby powder the original dry shampoo, but it adds texture to tresses. Simply sprinkle throughout hair, especially in the crown area and rub in with fingers, creating lust-worthy, movie star-status volume. Or, a few blasts from your go-to dry shampoo does the trick, too.

Go Vintage for Voluptuous Locks

Remember those pink, foam hair curlers your grandma used to wear to bed? Well, she was one lady who knew a thing or two about voluptuous hair because when she let her locks loose come morning, she flaunted fab and full looks – no heat required! And, you know what that means? No heat, no potential damage. And, big, beautiful hair? That’s a win-win in our beauty book any day of the week. You can also roll with those old-school hot rollers that were all-pervasive in the dressing rooms supermodels, strippers, and video vixens in the 90s. Just keep in mind that the bigger you you’re your hair, bigger the roller has to be. Plus, you can leave them in while you do your make-up. Just be sure to take out when completely cooled and set your just-lifted locks with some light, flexible hair spray.

Give Flat-lined Locks the Brush Off

A hairdresser to those heavenly models who flaunt their flawless figures while wearing scantily clad under things and feathery angel wings let us in on this locks lift-off secret. You’ll want to take a page out of their big hair book with this really unique roller brush trick. You may need to demonstrate some practice to perfect this hair-pumping technique, but it will be worth it. You’ll need two boar-bristled barrel brushes for this. Divide your hair into 2-inch sections and blow dry hair with one of the barrel brushes until sleek and smooth, then roll it under hair at the root and set it near scalp to cool. Then, take your other barrel brush and blow dry another 2-inch section of your hair until sleek and smooth. Then, set THAT barrel brush in place at the roots of another section. Then, go back to your original barrel brush and release. Keep alternating the two brushes all around head until you’ve heightened every last inch. By keeping the barrel brush set in place near the scalp until cooled, you lock in that luscious lift-off.

Last Resort…

If using product seems the only way you’re gonna be able to pull off that video vixen volume to your hair, then pull out those products! For the ultimate sexy strand sweet treat, add a few dessert-like dollops of the airy-light L’Ange Whip Volumizing Mousse to your towel-dried roots before you blast the blow dryer for sky-high hair and limitless lift-off. Or, layer a root booster on either towel-dried or already-dried roots, and “finger-style” your strands for a more tousled texture along with some hook-up –worthy height. Just be picky with products, because, you know, too much of a good thing.

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