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Beauty Burnout: Say Bye-Bye to These Beauty Trends in 2018

These once-cool, game-changing beauty trends quickly (and excitedly) became our go-to’s in 2017. But, admittedly, we’re done OD-ing on them. Say farewell to these faves that have had their run. Easy come, easy go!

From breakout stars to the burnt-out blues!  Every year, there’s a bounty of brand-new and seemingly thrilling beauty trends that come in like a wrecking ball and take our routines by storm.  But, by mid-summer, we’re so over them.  And, the biggest insiders in the biz couldn’t agree more.  Of course, some trends have been forecasted to stick it out for a little while longer, like mermaid-hued hair and beachy-beautiful cascading waves, but look for those that mask one’s natural beauty and radiance (so long, strobing! bye-bye baking!) to take a highly-anticipated bow-out.  So, come the new year, expect to see overdone trends that over-do your look to finally phase out.  We’re getting back to basics, beauties!  

Clown Contouring

Say ciao to the chiseled, harsh contouring craze in the next few months, if not sooner.  The fashion runways in the fall featured models with more life-like –looking skin, with bursts of strategically-placed blush to mimic the skin’s natural flush.  Plus, insiders divulged there wasn’t a contouring kit in sight backstage.  It looks as if 2018 will be bringing back blush, bronzer, and highlighter – and that’s it!  So, stash your cash and save for a brand-new blush instead of the latest contour compact.

Horrendous Highlighting

It started with good intentions – to mimic the look of lust-worthy, luminous skin with dewy dimension – but the highlighting hype soon morphed into an extreme obsession of intense iridescence that left us all channeling the Tin Man.  Highlighter is one thing, but glaringly garish glimmer that can easily direct traffic is on a whole other level.  So, say so long to cakey, disco ball complexions and hello to holographic effects that leave your skin looking healthy and ethereal-like.  

Blocked-Out Brows

Say bye-bye to the insufferable Insta-brow!  Now, don’t get us wrong! The big and bold, billion dollar brow is still going strong.  But, it’s the drawn-on, blocked-out arches that we’re paying our final respects to.  The New Year will be all about bringing back badass brows – naturally!  So, step away from your stencils and put away your pencils.  And, start slathering brow hairs with brow-boosting coconut oil, while taking your vitamins to promote hair growth, because big, bushy “born-with-it” brows are going to be bomb next year.  

Egregious Eyelash Extensions

The end is (finally) near for the ever-increasing eyelash extension addiction.  Not only will you save your natural lashes from constantly being ripped out prematurely in the process, you’ll be saving a lot of dough on super-expensive, time-consuming salon eyelash extensions. So, make nice with mascara and a modest set of faux fringes for a night out, instead.

Faux Freckles

Yes, the sweet splatter of muted melanin across noses is arguably redolent of sun-kissed youthfulness. But, if you weren’t lucky enough to naturally develop these desirable, in-demand dots, then consider yourself even luckier that you have a lesser chance of developing skin cancer, since freckles are a clear and present sign of sun damage.  Besides, having to fake it to make it is just too much unnecessary work.  So, get real and embrace your clear, freckle-free face.

Unrealistic Nail Art

In 2018, get ready to relish in the realistic and timeless beauty of the French manicure – again. And, wave good riddance to strikingly bizarre bubble nails, moon manis, furry nails, digits adorned with dangling and distracting jewels, etc.  Celebrated for its infinite practicality and alluring twists on the original nail art form, the French mani is an ode to natural, demure femininity that demonstrates well-kept beauty and sophisticated simplicity.  Also, expect to see more muted, fresh, and fleshy takes on all tones and hues, including solid polish jobs.  Plus, you’ll be undeniably relieved that your over-the-top appendages won’t be upstaging the rest of your look.  

90’s Lip Liner

Okay, we’d be totally lying if we didn’t admit we were secretly super-stoked when the 90s lip liner look re-appeared on the pouts of the models rocking the fall runways last year. But, like all the overly laborious beauty looks that took over our morning make-up regimens in 2017, you can just add this one to the already growing list.  Get ready to kiss up to more natural, less-defined lip lines paired with high-shine, flesh-toned lip lacquers and creamy, satiny, pout-pampering pigments.

Bogus Body Contouring

Like its facial counterpart, the body contouring fad is fading away –fast.  The art of layering legs, arms, tush, and tummy with globs of strategically applied make-up, shimmer spray, and pin-perfecting powder, all in a painstaking effort to achieve an airbrushed, runway-ready bikini bod ala the Victoria Secret Angels, is getting its wings.  Get ready to attain those sexy, star-status abs and sculpted stems the old-fashioned way – by tearing it up at the gym or hitting the Pilates mat.  Your clothes will thank you, too, since you’ll no longer be leaving those obnoxiously conspicuous tell-tale marks of faked-out fitness.  

Matte Lipstick

Well, the imminent death of this beauty trend has been long-awaited by most.  Dry, cracked-looking lips from lack of moisture, thanks to the overrun mattified lip look, will soon be a thing of the past with the incoming of dreamy, whipped-creamy colors that’ll drench lips in long-lasting succulence plus pout-pampering pigment.  Look for rich glosses and satiny shades that add depth, dimension, fullness, and plumpness to your pucker.  Muah!

Baked-on, Caked-on Make-up

Here’s a beauty trend the make-up masses can all agree on saying bye-bye to – baking.  It’s easy to see why we all burnt out on this ridiculously time-sucking make-up fad.  Unless you’re about to do a fancy fashion shoot in high-definition, leave this look to the pros.  Everyday make-up should elevate your assets and enhance your beauty, not mask it.  Applying arduous layers of concealer, foundation, setting powder, and highlighter, only to add a dampened sponge on top of it all and let air-dry, is just too much nonsense for the boardroom or the classroom.  Without perusing through a plethora of YouTube tutorials, the art of “baking” or “cooking” your make-up refers to letting layers of concealer, foundation, highlighter, and translucent powder sit on the skin, while the heat from your face “sets” everything.  The end result is that you (God willing) are left with a crease-less, porcelain-like, flawless finish once you’ve dusted off the excess powder and highlighter.  However, unless you’ve got mad skill, you risk not always achieving that picture-perfect complexion.  Keep it real with a simple layer of tinted moisturizer, concealer where needed, a bit of blush and bronzer, and a stroke of highlighter on lifted areas, to keep complexion glowing and gorgeous all day.  It’s not lazy, it’s functional.  

Are there any beauty trends you’d love to see leave with 2017?  Let us know!  Comment below and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram using #kashmerekollections.

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