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6 Crazy Simple Ways to Treat Yourself Like a Queen Every Single Day

It’s been a long day. You’re tired. Your feet ache. And everyone is nagging you! We all know that feeling of being stretched in different directions when all you want to do is relax. Pamper yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally with these techniques:

1. Close the door (literally)

How long has it been since you’ve spent some time alone? It should be a daily occurrence. If it’s 10 minutes or 2 hours, every amount helps. Whether you close the door to your favorite room or close off communications by silencing your cellphone, you deserve it. Now do whatever you want…in peace!

2. Write down things you love about yourself
(yes, really)

You may think this seems childish, but there’s power in the written word! Make it a daily practice to write down a few (or a bunch) of things you love, from your hair, to your laugh, to your killer sense of style! You’ll be surprised how lifted and downright glorious you feel.

3. Create a daily ritual you eagerly anticipate

Whether it’s a run outside, a glass of tea or wine in the evening, or a bath at the end of your day, do something that leaves you feeling relaxed and rewarded. It’s one thing, ladies, you can do it!

4. Take your mundane routine to the next level

We all need to take care of our bodies so they last for a lifetime. Invest in proven “spa-quality” beauty products that make you both look and feel amazing. Products using results-driven ingredients that deeply soften your skin, help diminish wrinkles, clear up beauty woes and make you say “Ahhhhhhhh” every time you use them.

 5. Say “no” at least once a day
(you have permission)

It may be your least favorite word, but it has freeing powers you haven’t realized! If you’re a newcomer to the word, I suggest you try it AT LEAST once a day. Those initial feelings of guilt eventually give way to a more empowered you.

6. Cut yourself a break
(yes, you)

So you’re running late to work again, or you forgot an ingredient for dinner. The world will go on. Tonight may be the perfect night to have take-out from that restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. With every situation, remember that life is imperfect and tomorrow is a new day. Give yourself the grace you deserve.

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