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Practice Safe Sun: Rock a Faux, Gorgeous Glow with the Sunless Tanning Lotion the A-List Stars Swear By

No More One-Night Tans!  Combat Common Self-Tanning Slip-Ups with this Step-by-Step Sunless Tanning Tutorial 

A beautiful, just-back-from-Bora-Bora sexy, sun kissed glow seems to just make life pretty perfect.  It instantly takes off ten pounds, no diet necessary (even after scarfing a pint of Ben and Jerry’s), highlights your hard work at the gym by defining muscle tone (hello abs!), carves out those curvy contours, and just makes you look and feel, well, really healthy, fit, and fiercely feminine and fab!  But, we all know about the exponential dangers of soaking up potentially harmful, aging UV rays.  Plus, there’s that never ending vitamin D dilemma.  So, grab a hat, a pair of strappy sandals, and some sassy shades, because we’ve got the best sunless tanning skin solution that will make you look like you just stepped in from the surf.  Sand, sea, and sun not required.

Not So Tan-Tastic Statistics

First, let’s get sun smart. Even with the latest and greatest self-tanning lotion reviews, you need to know the formidable facts about sun damage and skin cancer risk and how exercising a sun-safe sunless tanning regimen is the best, most safest way to get beach-bronzed skin.  Cumulative damage caused by excessive exposure to UV radiation leads to premature aging of the skin, including hyperpigmentation (sun spots), laxity, and, perhaps the most ominous side effect of all, skin cancer.  Melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, kills one person every fifty minutes and is the second most common cancer amongst young adults aged 15-29.  And, if those scary statistics weren’t staggering enough, it doesn’t take a blistering burn. Tanned skin is already damaged skin. Period.

There has always been the long-held misconception that fair-skinned, light-eyed blonde beauties were the only ones at risk for skin cancer risk and premature photo-aging of the skin.  Another once-common myth is that getting your glow on by “fake baking” precludes you from any cancer risk.  According to the Melanoma Foundation of New England and the Skin Cancer Foundation, the increased risk of developing the deadly disease associated with tanning bed usage is 59% for those whose first exposure to artificial UV rays occurred before age 35, and increases with the number of tanning bed use per year.  And, if the current vitamin D deficiency epidemic is your conundrum of choice, simply opt for no more than 10-15 minutes MAX of unprotected sun exposure 2-3 times weekly. That’s all it takes for the body to boost its own vitamin D production. Anything more increases your skin cancer risk.  Remember, too, vitamin D is highly recommended to be supplemented through proper nutrition, as well as dietary supplements.

Your Guide to a Glowing, Sunless Tan-sformation

The bold, bombshell television personality and reality tv star, Kim Zolciak, realizes a glowing, beach-beautiful bronze is like “icing on the cake” for a red carpet-ready look anytime of the year.  But, Kim also knows how important it is to throw shade to skin-sinning UV rays.  Developed with her tireless team of beauty and skincare experts, she created the best self-tanning product that produces a natural-looking, sun kissed, luxurious tan in just a few hours – all without stepping one pretty pinky toe under aging, skin-sabotaging rays.

Formulated with anti-aging seaweed and ivy extracts, all beautifully-imbued in a base of long-lasting hydrators and antioxidant-rich vitamins to prettify, perfect, and protect skin, Kashmere Kollections Sunless Tanning Lotion is the go-to self tanning product of today’s most attention-grabbing stars.  The self-tanner star ingredient, a naturally-occurring plant-based sugar chemical called DHA (dihydroxyacetone), binds with the proteins in the epidermis, temporarily and safely darkening the skin for up to 10 days. What makes Kashmere Kollections Sunless Tanning Lotion the best self tanner is the extra shot of skin tightening and toning caffeine to help fight the war on cellulite.  We like to think of it as damage control with bronzing beauty benefits. So, say goodbye to pale, pasty, winter-white skin and hello to your no-fail faux glow.

Now, it’s time to get your goddess-glow on.  Applying self-tanning products need not be intimidating.  From the beach to the street, follow these self-tanning tips and tricks:

Before Bed Prep

Prep, prime, and perfect your skin and make for a clean canvas by sloughing dead skin cells, dirt, and debris from pores using Kashmere Kollections Silken Body Polish and/or gently buffing body with a body brush.  Hop in shower, cleanse, rinse.  Be sure to wax/shave pertinent areas to ensure deep absorption and even application of self-tanning product, san streaks.  Also, use water/gel-based cleansers and soaps as oil-based cleansers can create a barrier on the skin, impeding on the development of the DHA. Partaking in the self-tanning process prior to sleep pretty much guarantees your skin will not come into contact with any water for at least hours, which can inhibit full sunless tanning development of the DHA on your skin.

Be a Color Blocker

Upon exiting shower and toweling off, it’s time to add a barrier cream or plain ‘ole petroleum jelly to areas you don’t want to over-absorb color ie, finger/toe nails, elbows, tops of feet, knees, and hairline.  You’ll also want to cover head with a shower cap, just in case.  Also, now is the time to don some latex gloves or a sunless tanning mitt and start the much-anticipated self-tanning application.

In the Buff

Starting from tops of feet and working up to neck and face, apply a liberal amount of Sunless Tanning Lotion and work in circular motions until completely absorbed.  Apply a second coat for deeper, darker tanning results come morning.  Once you’ve applied desired amount of Sunless Tanning Lotion layers, chill out in the nude for at least 30 full minutes without dressing, going to bed, or coming into contact with any clothing for fabrics.

Incriminating Evidence

All self-tanning products will begin to fade from the skin as part of the epidermis’ natural exfoliation process.  But, those tanned flakes have to end up somewhere.  Hence, why you most always will find the incriminating brown stains on bed sheets, towels, clothes, toilet seats, EVERYTHING!  So, unless you don’t want your bed sheets to look as if someone slid into home plate, you’ll want to lay down very dark, preferably black, sheets or towels on your bed, sofa, and chairs to prevent a telltale trail of self-tanning evidence.  If you’re one to perspire profusely, apply some baby powder underarms, on the back, and near groin area to absorb excess, sticky sweat.  When nature calls, use toilet seat covers or paper towels to prevent tan transfer to the porcelain throne.  Wait at least 8-10 hours to shower, swim, or exercise so your sunless tan fully and deeply develops a beautiful, bronzed glow.

Your sunless tan will continue to develop over the next day and last for up to ten days.  If you’re digging your freshly bronzed bod, continue to apply only the best Sunless Tanning Lotion every day until desired tanned effect is achieved.  Remember, Kashmere Kollections Sunless Tanning Lotion does NOT contain sun protection, so be sure to apply an SPF of 30 or higher daily, re-applying every two hours if outdoors.  To keep skin irresistibly sexy, soft, and supple, while creating a luminous, optically-slimming effect, slather on Kashmere Kollections Luxurious Toning Oil for a head-to-tippy toe allover gorgeous glow.  #nofilternecessary

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