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Lisa’s Success Story!

I wasn’t looking for new beauty products when Kim’s Kashmere skincare line fell into my lap – but now that I use the products daily I often wonder how I ever lived without them! I have all of the items on autoship and literally can’t wait to use them each day. In the beginning, my teenage and pre-teen daughters used to make fun of how much I loved my Kashmere products, but after using them for themselves I suddenly found them disappearing and now I have to get enough for all of us!

In my opinion, Kashmere is more than just a fair-priced, top-quality skincare line. It’s completely self-empowering for women, who can find abundant support and encouragement for healthier living in the online Kashmere Facebook Community. Using Kashmere is also a huge motivator to start taking care of yourself. Growing up, my mom would always tell me to wash my face at night and take my makeup off, but I never did. Now here I am at 50 with a skincare routine that has me looking better than I have in decades!

To start off, the Kashmere Purifying Masque is absolutely tremendous! I can literally feel my pores open when I use it. And after using it every day for only 5 days, my husband made a comment that my skin looked different, with a youthfulness to it that it didn’t have before. I was amazed that even my husband noticed the improvements in my skin! And after that I was hooked.

The masque in combination with the Kashmere Bergamot Oil is also helping me with a scar that I have on my face that I got from using mentholated tissues. I exfoliate my face first and then I put on the masque and the oil and sure enough, the dark mark is fading! I previously tried so many other things including a prescription from the dermatologist but none of them worked as well as the Purifying Masque combined with the Bergamot Oil to help lighten the scar.

Next, I love the firming lotion, toning oil and new body butter on my body. After kids I would say that I was the queen of “cellulite land” since I had plenty of cellulite on my legs, but now from using all of these products there is a definite improvement in appearance. My skin is both firmer and softer and the cellulite is greatly reduced!

I also love the Body Polish, which is actually the first Kashmere product I tried. It really helps to exfoliate my skin and leaves it silky smooth. Plus, the smell is just so amazing that its hard to imagine my shower time without using it! I think it truly helps to prime my skin for using the toning oil, firming lotion and body butter, which are the finishing touches.

Personally, I think that for the price, Kashmere is the best thing on the market! There are no icky chemicals or animal testing and if you don’t like anything (which I can’t imagine you wouldn’t!), you can get your money back. Plus, if you aren’t sure how to use them, the Kashmere Community will help you get the most out of your new products. There is always someone ready to help.

And Kashmere always has great deals on their products – there is seriously no reason not to try it! Go for it and order today…trust me you’ll be glad you did!

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The Kashmere Community is a special, motivational place that has become an important part of Lisa’s life. Join the Community for professional beauty advice, support, and to engage with others who can’t live without their Kashmere!

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