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10 Easy Tips to Being Date Night Ready in a Flash!

It’s been a stressful day, but now it’s time to let your hair down and enjoy the night! So how do you make the shift from frazzled to totally refreshed and renewed?! Here are some easy steps you can take to feel pampered, glowing, and ready for adventure!

1. It all starts with a masque

You know what it feels like when you’ve been neglecting to take care of your face. You start to break out, your skin feels dry or oily, and you just can’t seem to get your make-up to look right no matter what you do. It’s time for a deep cleanse!

A deep-cleaning, pore purifying masque will have your face back to healthy, glowing, and fabulous in no time. Make sure you find one with nourishing, proven ingredients that tone, tighten, and beautify. Plus, skip ones that contain any nasty ingredients like parabens or harsh chemicals.

2. Give your nails some love

Life is busy, and it can be hard to find time to give yourself the manicure and pedicure you so deserve. But doing both of these things (even if no one will even see your toes in your shoes!) is instantly gratifying and essential self-care.

So while you’re sitting with your masque on your face, do the first steps to your at-home mani/pedi. Remove any old polish and use basic tools to trim nails, push cuticles back (use some oil), and then buff your nails. No polish yet! Moving on to…

3. Spa-like body scrub

Time to hop in the shower and use an all-over body scrub. Whisk away dead skin cells while indulging in this essential beauty product that literally makes you feel like you are visiting a spa, in the comfort of your own home.

Pay close attention to your elbows, knees, hands, feet and other areas that get especially dry, rubbing the body scrub into your skin in a gentle, circular motion. Choose a scrub that uses natural, effective, luxurious ingredients to smooth and polish for all-over radiance.

4. Oil it up!

When you get out of the shower, it’s time for the ultimate in luxury. Chose a toning oil and lotion that firms and tightens while it completely smooths and rejuvenates, making you feel like a whole new person! Use one or both of these products all over your entire body (except your face…use a face lotion for that) putting more on the parts of your body that get most dry.

If you’re unfamiliar with toning oils, the way it makes your skin feel and the scent make all the difference. Make sure you chose a non-greasy, glorious scented one that people are raving about, with lots of user approval. Also make sure it has healing, nourishing ingredients. The same goes for the lotion, along with making sure it helps fight cellulite(double plus)!

5. Give yourself a bronze glow

No time for sun or haven’t seen it lately? No worries because you can still get a beautiful glow without needing to sunbathe. Choose an effective tanning lotion with great reviews, and lather it all over your body, being careful to thoroughly wash your hands after. Don’t get dressed yet! Wait until your tanning lotion dries and…move onto the next step!

6. Paint your toenails

While your tanning lotion is drying, now is a great time to pick the perfect color for your toes. Always start with a base coat, and finish with a top coat for the ultimate in both strong and shiny nails. And now your hands are still free for the next step…

7. Picture perfect makeup

Whether or not you are a make-up person doesn’t matter, and if you truly despite it, feel free to skip this step. But I’m a firm believer that a little make-up can go a long way. The most important thing is that since you did the masque, your skin is now primed and looking beautiful.

No matter what you chose to put on your face, whether it be foundation, bronzer, or eye make-up, you can be sure that it will stay put and look gorgeous all night (no oily patches!) because you took the time to take care of your face first (great job)!

8. Dress the way you want to feel

Here’s the secret, ladies, don’t dress the way you are feeling! In fact, if you are tired and exhausted, it might be wise to wear something that will completely perk you up! Think about the oufit that makes you the absolute happiest, so matter what your day was like, and go with that! You’ll feel better once you have it on and see how amazing you look in the mirror!

9. Paint your fingernails  

Now that you’re dressed, it’s safe to deck your nails in polish. Just know that this also means you’ll get some quick R&R right before you head out! Sounds fabulous, right? Pick that perfect color polish then sit down in front of a good TV show or magazine (just be careful!) for at least 20 minutes (quicker if you use a fast-dry polish).

10. Bask in how glorious you feel

The whole point of these steps was to get yourself ready to feel amazing for your night, so don’t forget to notice it! Remind yourself that you look amazing and step out feeling confidant and ready for fun. Rest assured that whenever you need another pick-me-up you can do this easy routine any night of the week. Now have a blast!

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