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Here’s What to Pack on Your Summer Vacation

Summer is finally here and the long wait is over - your ultimate vacation is just around the corner. You know where you're going, how long you're staying and how you're going to get there. Stress is over, right? Not quite - you still have to pack all your summer beauty essentials. Panic sets in! Whether you're going glamping or hob-nobbing with the elites, here are some tips to prepare you for your trip.
Beauty Tips

A Gift Guide for Mom

We love celebrating our moms - they’re the most loving, courageous and most caring people in our lives. Each year it gets harder to think of a great gift to give them without resorting to the not-so-original flowers or scarf. Our Kashmere Gift Guide makes it easy for you to find something personal, fresh and thoughtful to make her feel like the queen she is!
Beauty Tips

A Guide to the Right Sunscreen

"Don't step outside without sunscreen!" We all have heard this too many times but there's a reason why skin care professionals are obsessed with sunscreen - it works!
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